A gift card for the special person who puts up with you everyday.

This year, don't waste your time on embarrassing plush toys and heart-shaped balloons. Give your beloved a reason to save for you a reasonable dose of cuddles: sailsquare Gift Card allows you to choose a period and a destination to behave like lovebirds.

Let Sailsquare do the job for you: just few clicks and all the equipment for an outstanding present will arrive safe and sound at home without worries or troubles.
Last minute gift? Don't worry, straight after the purchase you will receive an email with the printable gift card, ready to use

Select your favourite gift card, wait for the email with payment instructions and details. Once the purchase is done, we will send you the printable email and the gift kit: your role is to put it together, give it your personal touch and choose the perfect moment to give it to the apple of your eye.

Discover our kick ass kit

  • The gift card with the code to use in the booking phase
  • A Gift Box for your Romeo or Juliet.
  • A postcard, to write your sticky-sweet thoughts.
  • Two bracelets to wear onboard and on the mainland.
  • An email with your e-Gift Card for last minute presents, to avoid too long delivery time.

Be romantic: buy a Sailsquare Gift Card!

Select the gift card with your requested amount: you will receive an email with the payment instructions. Have any question? Cupid has created a F.A.Q section F.A.Q section to solve your doubts.

Frequently asked questions.

How many gift cards can be purchased? No limit for your purchases: you can have one for your mother, one for your uncle and one for the apple of your eye.

How long does it take to receive the kit at home? Your kit will be delivered within 5-7 days from the purchase if in Europe, 10-15 working days if it needs to be shipped outside Europe.

Is it possible to receive the gift card also by email? Of course, once the purchase is completed we will send you via email the printable card, ready to be put in an envelope for a last minute present.

Can the gift card be used for all holidays on Sailsquare? Yes, the gift card can be used only on www.sailsquare.com and for all the current and forthcoming holidays.

Do the gift cards have an expiration date? Yes, they do. the code reported on the card can be used to book a holiday within 365 days from the purchase date.

Can I use a gift card for two separate holidays? No, the gift card can be used once for a single holiday, this means that if the holiday value is lower than the one charged on the gift card, the extra amount will be lost.

Can the gift cards be combined with other discounts? The gift cards cannot be combined with other coupon codes or with credits belonging to referral programme; however, they can be combined with "early booking" discount.

How much is a Sailsquare holiday? A week-end usually is around € 100 - € 240 per person, depending on the period of the year, the destination and the boat type. A week usually costs around € 390 - € 750. Daily trips, instead, can cost between € 30 - € 60 per person.

Is it possible to use the gift cards for more people? Yes, it is, but only if multiple quotas are requested in the same booking order.

What happens if the gift card is stolen or lost? Gift cards correspond to cash: if they are lost, stolen or damaged, they cannot be blocked or refunded. Sailsquare will not be responsible for any incorrect use of the card or use by a third party.

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