Crazy about sailing holidays branded Sailsquare?

Get your friends involved in Sailsquare!

Did you have a great time as skipper or sailor during a Sailsquare experience? Can’t wait to leave again? And most of all, can’t stop haunting your friends with your holiday stories? Seize the opportunity to make relevant your word of mouth.

Get a 360° perspective of Sailsquare world..

Waves, sailboat trips and Sailsquare: you definitely cannot get them out of your mind. Don’t you think the time has come to be more into it?

What are ambassadors’ distinguishing features?

Being recognizable

Our Ambassadors are the benchmark of our community: show your smiling face, share your passions and main facts within a nice description, let yourself be heard by leaving detailed feedbacks and opinions of the holiday you took part into, chat up with people in the street and tell them about your experiences.


Could you be in love with someone if you never talked or looked at each other? That’s quite the same with Sailsquare holidays: our Ambassadors first need to get in touch with one of our holidays, and then realize he can’t do without.

Sharing instinct

Someone was born to boogie, someone to be wild. But you, you were born to make public relations: you buzz with excitement each time you talk about Sailsquare. The eyes are the window of the soul, but your soul’s window are your social profiles, currently calling a strike for too much activity. You always have a front row seat at Sailsquare parties and talking people into getting onboard is your secret weapon.


Sailsquare and sailing are in your top 3, followed by enjoying the company of new and old mates: that’s our idea of Ambassador.

Each story is truly exciting. Share it with your friends and make it even more special

Exclusive perks of Sailsquare Ambassadors

Travel credits.

Invite your friends to sign up into Sailsquare: you will get a € 40 credit each time one of your friends joins his first Sailsquare holiday. Cool, right?

Exclusive invitations to Sailsquare events.

We will organize exclusive parties, special sailing events and holidays just for Ambassadors: we already can’t do without you!

Sailsquare clothing line

Whether you are hanging out in the city or joining a Sailsquare holiday, you won’t slip through the cracks with our clothing line we designed for you: in this way you will be recognized as the milestone of the community. And it ain’t over yet… but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

A place under the spotlight

Your stories and your holidays will get a central role on our blog and social media profiles: you’ll be on everyone’s lips!