Crazy about Sailsquare's sailing holidays?

Sign your friends up to Sailsquare, Europe’s largest sailing holiday community!

Had a great time as skipper or sailor with Sailsquare? Can’t stop sharing your holiday stories? Seize the opportunity, and make the word of mouth count!

Get a 360° perspective of the Sailsquare platform..

Waves, sailboat trips and the Sailsquare community. Can’t wait to go on another trip? You’re ready to become a Sailsquare Ambassador.

What do Sailsquare Ambassadors do?

Being recognizable

Our Ambassadors are the benchmark for our community. They share their passions and document their adventures, and share the brand with all who they meet!

Being experienced

Could you be in love with someone if you never talked or looked at each other? That’s quite the same with Sailsquare holidays: our Ambassadors first need to get in touch with one of our holidays, and then realize they can’t do without.

Sharing instinct

Talking people into getting onboard is your secret weapon. Our Ambassadors are passionate people, who love to use their personality and style as their way of spreading the good word - helping us in our mission to make sailing experiences accessible to all!

Being Passionate

Sailing, the Sailsquare community, and meeting new people are among your favourite things? You’re already one of us!

Each adventure is truly unique, therefore each adventure is exciting! Your sailing stories are waiting to be told, and future experiences waiting to be shared.

Exclusive perks of being a Sailsquare Ambassador!

Travel credits.

Invite your friends to sign up into Sailsquare, and you will get a €40 voucher each time a friend books their first Sailsquare holiday. Cool, right? But, that’s not all folks. If 5 friends join a flotilla (of a minimum of one week as their first experience), you will get a €200 voucher to go and join the party!

Exclusive invitations to Sailsquare events.

WWe organise exclusive parties, special sailing events and holidays just for our Ambassadors - come along?!

Sailsquare’s own gear

Whether you are hanging out in a city, or on a Sailsquare holiday in the Fjords - you won’t slip through the cracks with our clothing line specifically designed for you! And that’s not all... But we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

A place in the spotlight

Your stories and holidays will have a central role on our blog and social media profiles for all to see!