Charming destinations for your sailing holidays? Atlantic Ocean. The pure essence of ocean sailing.

Sailing holiday: Atlantic Ocean. Canaries, Bermuda, Azores… islands with an exotic charm in the blue ocean.

Just open a planisphere and smell the desire to sail. In the Atlantic Ocean, everyone will find his ideal holiday.
Volcanoes and white beaches of the Canaries is where you will be delighted by the little villages, the typical dishes and the kindness of the residents.

Sailing in the Azores: an unspoiled landscape with craters, high cliffs and lush vegetation is the amazing scenario of your sailing holiday.

For an unforgettable sailing holiday...Atlantic Ocean and the Bermuda is the ideal destination for those who want to match sailing and snorkeling. In this archipelago the underwater visibility is over 40 meters: you will swim in the spectacular scenario of an untouched coral reef with colorful fishes and funny creatures.

If you want you can combine a sailing holiday in the Atlantic Ocean and A.R.C.: every year in November, boats from all over the world are reunited between Las Palmas and Gran Canaria to sail towards the Caribbeans, joining the famous Atlantic Rally for Cruiser.
It is a regatta that guarantees fun and security to those who experience it for the first time.

These are the last people to have explored Atlantic islands.