ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonnaire, Curaçao Caribbean

sailing holidays? ABC Islands: the colours of the Caribbean meets the nordic flavours of the Netherlands

ABC Islands have warm sea and amazing sunny beaches.
For those joining a sailing holiday, Bonnaire is a little natural paradise: in the Southern part of the island you can find the typical salt mine populated by pink flamingos and everywhere there is a rich underwater life with varied and funny fishes. In Aruba there are many areas that are perfect to snorkel: explore hidden bays and new paths everyday and be involved in locals’ life during the evening.

Sailing holidays? ABC Islands and the Caribbean Sea are famous destinations thanks to their climate and naturalistic and architectural beauties of the cities: visit Willemstad, main city of Curaçao: here European charm and Caribbean vivacity mix together and create a unique atmosphere.

There are no available holidays for this destination at this moment.