Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean

Sailing holidays: Antigua and Barbuda, corals and tropical fish in the Caribbean Sea

Antigua, one of the most astonishing islands of “Leeward Islands”and Barbuda, the wild one, where nature is lush and pristine… You can choose one of them, why not, both! Set sails for your dreamy holiday!

In Barbuda time stops and you can spend an entire day sunbathing, then, short sailings will be waiting for you. In the evening go to theArt Cafè where Claire Frank paints on silk and offers drinks and precious information.

Do you want to taste local dishes during your holiday? Antigua and Barbuda: here you can find restaurants where fish is the main dish and you can also taste local spicy sauces which will give a “Creole” taste to your nights.

Do you want to spend spring time on asailing boat? Antigua is the perfect island to watch one of the most prestigious event of international yacht racing, the Antigua Sailing Week: it is a spectacular kermesse where regatta single hull and catamarans fight between buoys.

These are the last people to have explored Antigua and Barbuda.