Sailing holidays: Split as a starting point to discover Dalmatia.

The coasts and islands of Dalmatia create a tailor-made environment for sailing holidays. Split and its archipelago offers beaches reachable only by sea, myriads of coves where to drop the anchor. and it's very easy to find suitable places where to drop the anchor. By night you’ll be spoilt for choice: you can decide whether to stroll little streets, eat in local restaurants or explore nightlife entertainments.

Starting from Split,in a few hours of navigation you can reach the first islands: Solta, Hvar - the island for nightlife lovers - and the uncontaminated Pakleni archipelago.
Next stop will be Brac, hosting the famous Ziatni Rat beach, whose white sand changes its shape according to tides and currents. Sailing towards the south, you can either visit the bright green and secluded Visand Lastovo, or get lost in Curzola, a gorgeous medieval citadel resembling Venice. Finally, don't forget to sail to Dubrovnik, the old Ragusa, characterized by an undisputed beauty, besides being one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

These are the last sailors that have travelled in Split Archipelago.