Sailing holidays in France: discover the best travel destinations in France.

Boating holidays in France. Explore the French Mediterranean coast (the French Riviera), Corsica, the Atlantic, and Brittany.

France is home to a great number of stunning sailing destinations - iconic spots like the French Riviera, Monaco, Saint Tropez, Porquerolles islands instantly spring to mind. But what do you know about Corsica for example? In the middle of the Cetacean Sanctuary, with its charming beaches of crystal clear waters and its strikingly unique landscapes.

Best time to travel: Conditions are ideal for sailing trips around France from late May until October.

Costs: A sailing weekend from €150 per person, and a week-long sailing adventure from €400 per person.

Sailing in France:

You can find sailing holidays on Sailsquare where you will be cruising the Hyeres and Porquerolles islands, the heaven for French sailors - or you can join the famous Giraglia Regatta, from St. Tropez to Corsica island, up to Genoa.

If you have some nautical experiences and you want to improve your skills, the Gulf of Lion is waiting for you. This is where the river Rhône flows and the famous Mistral wind blows. Once you get to the port, you can also visit the renowned Provence, with its perfumed lavender and thousands of other essences. And remember to look up at sunset, as you can see the pink flamingos of the Camargue flying home for the night.

Corsica is a naturalistic and almost wild environment, far, far away from the crowds. It has beautiful beaches and breathtaking rock formations, such as the Calanche and Bonifacio cliffs - that you can only reach by boat!

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