Normandy France

Sailing holidays? Normandy: gothic cathedrals, natural oasis and horse-riding.

The region with the widest untouched natural area in the North of France! Sail along Normandy coasts to feel unforgettable emotions. The choice is yours: visiting ancient citadels where to satisfy your curiosity on sea stories and artists or cast off and set sails to Jersey and Channel Islands: you will be greeted by long sand bays in the southern part of the island and by harsh cliffs in the northern one. If you feel like, from here you can continue up to Guernsey or decide to cross the English Channelup to the English coast.
Sailing holidays: Normandy: sail to the west until you meet the lighthouse of Cap de la Hague, a heavenly place, well-known by all sailors.
Make your way to the maritime citadel of Dieppe offering a taste of the real sea life.
Lastly, relish the incredible Etretat a lovely village famous for its spectacular cliffs that are the highest of all Northern French coast.

Sailing holidays? Normandy. And if you are a foodie, this region will intrigue with a neverending choice of meat and fish dishes and great wines.
Need a tip? Get lost in one of the Norman ports and don’t miss the intense taste of the marmite dieppoise, a creamy fish soup made of fish and shellfish.

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