Summer and sailing holidays in Greece, lost in the blue and in its unique islands.

Do you want the best for your sailing holiday? Greece, a whole new land to discover.

Where can you find the most deep blue sea for your sailing cruise? In Greece, of course! Instead of making just a brief island-hopping tour on a boat (maybe a motor one) relish a greek week on a sailing boat, from sunrise to sunset, to really understand the true essence of this unique place.

How not to mention Mykonos and Santorini, which seem made for those seeking for a sailing holiday devoted to great fun? But there’s more: discover more secluded places with the expert guidance of a skipper.

Sailsquare has selected for you the best destinations and itineraries for your sailing cruises in Greece: Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Ionian Islands. Any destination you’ll choose won’t let you down and you’ll be so lucky to gaze at sandy beaches and indented coasts revealing astonishing bays only to those who arrived in Greece with a sailing boat.

You will come home remembering the myriad of colours of evocative sea depths, perfect for snorkeling or diving, or the enchanting pictures of quaint white villages, where you will have tasted a typical greek dish, such as Moussaka, Souvlaki or Tzatziki.

These are the last sailors that have travelled in Greece.