Holidays on a sailing boat: Dodecanese, nature and fun with Middle Eastern flavours

New landscapes and new wonderful islands for your sailing holiday: Dodecanese

Twelve big islands in the southern part of Aegean Sea, nestled between Cyclades and Turkey: the perfect place for a sailing holiday. Dodecanese is also a land where you can discover wild nature without missing fun and flavours of the thousands Middle Eastern spices.

Sailing in the Dodecanese:

Some famous places? Rhodes and Kos, the biggest islands where fun is always guaranteed. And so for Kalymnos, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience free climbing with people from all over the world; or Tilos and its huge green park, a paradise on Earth for nature lovers. Also, you should not miss Kastellorizo, famous setting of Gabriele Salvatores’ Mediterraneo, which won an Oscar Award.

These are the last people to have explored Dodecanese.