Holidays on a boat? Aegadian islands: discover the crystal clear waters of Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo.

Are you looking for a not too crowded place where the sea is as good as Sardinia’s one for your sailing holiday? Choose Aegadian islands! Favignana, the largest of these islands: here, blue bays, bathes and dives from rocks are a must in every cove! Once you’re at the port, you can visit the unbelievable anchors graveyard and the famous Tonnara Florio, one of the most important tuna-fishing nets of the Mediterranean sea and an important place that proves the great potentiality of industrial archaeology.

Do you love sea but also looking around in the backcountry? You can hire a bike or even a scooter to visit the island, and also to climb up to the Semaforo, an ancient sightseeing place where you’ll be able to cherish the landscape over the island and its surroundings. The night in the port will also be the perfect occasion to go out for dinner and taste local products, such as tuna, wines and the typical Sicilian grenadine as a dessert.

These are the last sailors that have travelled in Aegadian islands.