Sailing holidays in Northern Sardinia & Corsica: Discover the Mediterranean gems surrounding La Maddalena and Bonifacio.

Boating holidays in Northern Sardinia & Corsica. Explore the Lavezzi archipelago, the Maddalena archipelago, and the famous Costa Smeralda by sailboat or catamaran.

The northern area of Sardinia - and Corsica are recognised for their countless coves and bays alongside their hilly coasts. Sardinia boasts almost 2,000km of coastline, and both islands are home to a plethora of golden sand beaches, islets, and mountainous greenery.

Natural treasures of the region

Northern Sardinia: The Maddalena Archipelago - described by some as the hidden Caribbean - is suspended between the two islands of Corsica and Sardinia. This group of islands is made up of 7 main, larger islands, along with 55 islets (or isolotti). Sitting adjacent to the world-famous Costa Smeralda, the group of islands holds similar wind-blown granite rock faces, and clear waters - however, has remained a wildlife haven, and is classified as a national park.

Corsica: On the Corsican side of the famous Strait of Bonifacio rests the Lavezzi archipelago - made up of the two main islands of Cavallo and Lavezzu, as well as a host of surrounding islets. The area is celebrated both for the particularly unique sailing navigation opportunities that can be had, and for its diverse marine wildlife - in 1982, the Lavezzi Islands and their surrounding reefs were registered as a marine reserve.

When and how much?
Best time to travel: Although the area sees great weather, and ideal conditions most of the year-round, the best months for sailing around Northern Sardinia and Corsica are had between April and October.r

Costs: A sailing weekend from €300 per person, and a weeklong sailing adventure from €400 per person.

Sailing in Northern Sardinia & Corsica

Sailing in Northern Sardinia:
The Sardinian coastline - along with some of the most widely recognised strikingly beautiful coasts, such as the Costa Smeralda - is appreciated to a greater extent by sailors, thanks to the excellent wind conditions produced by the Chirocco and Maestrale cycles. Each coastline of Northern Sardinia plays hosts to a unique character from long stretches of soft sand beaches, to secluded rocky cave formations. With so much to discover, long trips are recommended.

Where to go:
~ The Maddalena archipelago: notably Caprera and Budelli
~ Costa Smeralda
~ Costa Paradiso

Sailing in Corsica:
The sailing season in Corsica is long and offers lots of variety - home to stunning landscapes, more than 200 white sand beaches, and charming, picturesque coastal towns - and is in fact, the most mountainous area of the Mediterranean. Around the island there is the opportunity to see rare and indigenous wildlife - swim, dive, and paraglide - and learn of the rich culture and unique cuisine. Again - with so much to discover, long trips are recommended.

Where to go:
~ The Lavezzi archipelago
~ Calvi
~ Porto Vecchio

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