Northern Sardinia - Maddalena Archipelago and the Costa Smeralda Italy

La Maddalena in Sardinia and Bonifacio in Corsica … the two most beautiful places all over Mediterranean sea.

A sailing holiday in the Northern part of Sardinia is the perfect solution if you’re looking for nightlife, and not only. Here you will also have the chance to stay in natural harbours on your boat and plan your trips. At Maddalena Archipelago, which is located further North, you’ll find hidden shores and crowdless coves… All of this thanks to a different way to explore the island: a wonderful holiday on a sailing boat!

We can guarantee you that many other exotic destinations with pretentious name won’t be as breathtaking as these places: for example, Cala Coticcio in Caprera, reachable by land only through an arduous path, will be the right place for your first plunge at the dawn, after having spent the night in natural harbors. Going on you will find heaven: Spargi, Budelli with its pink sand beach, then the Strait of Bonifacio with Cavallo and Lavezzi islands. And finally, here you are in Corsica with the white cliff of Bonifacio, creating a fjord where you’ll find the most wonderful port of the Mediterranean Sea.

These are the last sailors that have travelled in Northern Sardinia - Maddalena Archipelago and the Costa Smeralda.