Sailing holidays? Apulia: discover its white cliffs overlooking the sea

Gulfs and bays surrounded by the blue sea: Apulia’s landscape is unique with its beaches on the northern coast of Gargano and Tremiti Islands.
In this land you can find some of the most beautiful Italian architectural gems such as the Church of Santa Maria and the ruins of San Domino’s island.
Sailing holidays? Apulia: in Gargano, in the northern part of the region, you can explore the landscape with high white cliffs and stop to dive in the turquoise water.

Sailing holidays in Puglia:

Are you looking for a sailing holiday? Choose Apulia. Here you can alternate sailing and little trips to discover the inland and its history visiting the many castles and works of art that enrich the area between Adriatic Sea, Gargano, Salento and Ionian Sea.

These are the last people to have explored Puglia.