True Sardegna: its lushnature and its thousand-year-old culture

Villasimius and San Pietro Island, then Cagliari and dozen of marvelous bays that totally worth a visit

The Southern part of Sardinia is as beautiful as all renowned destinations located in the North of the island. The marine park and stunning beaches of Villasimus are real heavens if you like snorkeling and sailing. This area of Sardinia is the perfect destination if you want to relax and be close to nature. Even in August you won’t find too many tourists and you can appreciate the silence of a night in a natural harbour. If you love to lay on the beach you can always reach amazing beaches such as Giunco, Punta Molentis or Sa Ruxi. Then you can go on board and sail again towards Isola dei Cavoli, Capo Carbonara and Cagliari.

Sailing holidays in Sardinia:

West of Cagliarithere are magical places that you can reach by boat. Examples are the beaches of Chia, Capo Spartivento and Capo Teulada with its dunes. It is a unique place, still free of human settlements because it is a military zone that remains open to visitors during summer. During the night you can see the stars in the sky like nowhere else because here there is no light pollution. Coming up to Porto Pino you will find a stunning and little-known beach with white sand and transparent water. To conclude we suggest not to miss San Pietro island with its wild rocks and wonderful Carloforte island.

These are the last people to have explored Southern Sardinia.