Sailing holidays: North Sea, breathtaking and green landscapes

Bays and castles for your sailing holidays? North Sea:
endless itineraries and activities between the sea and the land

Great Britain, Ireland and Iceland three wonderful destinations for your sailing holidays
. Islands with different personalities where you can admire the ocean, the northern lights and high cliffs populated by rare species of birds and marine animals.

New horizons for your sailing holidays? North Sea, Great Britain and Ireland: you will be delighted to discover these wild coasts that are immersed in history and Celtic mythology. Reach the north, sail from Icelandic harbours and contemplate the magnificent nordicscenarios between shiny waterfalls and active volcanoes.

Sailing holidays? North Sea

....choose amongScotland, Ireland, Iceland: sail and smell the salty sea, taste fresh fish and listen to the deep sound of the waves. Enjoy beautiful castles and alpine meadows next to the ocean and walk with your friends through mysterious itineraries between nature, culture and ancient legends.

These are the last people to have explored North Sea.