Sailing holidays? Great Britain Sail with your friends among fjords and old castles

An age-old history: from 3000 bc until today
. Enjoy Cornwall strolling around the quiet villages of St. Ives and Penzanc and admiring castles and beautiful mansions, home of various kings, queens and dukes. Or, alternatively, discover the western cliffs forged by the waves with their poetic and bizarre shapes. Sailing holidays? Great Britain: sail and relax, carried by the breeze of a summer afternoon. Then go ashore and explore neat cities with wonderful view on the coast, infinite meadows and moorland.

Sailing holidays in the UK:

A unique destination for your sailing holidays? Great Britain to visit the original Minack Theatre, considered one of the most spectacular open theatres in the world. Made of rocks, the theatre is located directly on the cliffs offering a breathtaking view of the sea. During summer afternoons, interesting plays still take place here.