Sailing holidays? Greenland. Amazing landscapes, Northern lights and the kindness of the Inuit people

Channel and fjords that takes you to the sea, ice tongues and icebergs punctuating gulfs and bays.
Sailing holidays? Greenland. A majestic Nordic landscape surprises the traveller that decides to try this unusual and adventurous experience: sailing along the coasts populated by Inuit people, North of the Arctic Circle.

It is a land of conquest, discovered in 982 by the Norwegian Viking Erik the Red. His sons continued westward reaching Terranova and the bay of the Saint Lawrence River in Canada; they discovered America five centuries before Colombo. Sailing in the midnight light during your sailing holidays? Greenland:
in summer the light illuminates days and nights while in winter long arctic nights offer the spectacle of Northern lights.

Sailing holidays in Greenland:

Not only Northern lights… the ones choosing a sailing holiday in Greenland will have the privilege to see the most beautiful animals of the Arctic region: reindeer, caribou and large marine mammals (seals, walruses, sea lions and whales).
Sail in total relaxation and, once ashore, meet the locals for a very pleasant experience: Inuit people live in little families and are really kind and like to cooperate. Sleighs pulled by dogs and, in the sea, kayak made of leather are the traditional means of transportation here and they are still used nowadays.