Sailing holidays? Norway. Where the land and the sea meet, under a colorful sky of northern lights.

Sailing holidays in Norway are a unique emotion. Country of fjords and mountains, water and land, where in a few hours it is possible to swim in the sea and then ski on the glaciers, with amazing views. During a sailing holiday in Norway you can enjoy the landscape from a privileged point of view: you can admire rocky cliffs, typical wooden villages, amazingly green nature. And possibly even spot one of the legendary trolls that populate these woods! Meanwhile, whales, fishes and other animals will swim near your boat. You are in the land of the salmon, what’s better than a fresh fish dinner on your sailing holiday in Norway?

Sailing holidays in Norway:

From the sea, enjoy the beauty of the norwegian coast. Explore Bergen, the pearl of the North, the timeless charm of the Bryggen (harbour) and the amazing view from mount Urliken. Or go explore the great North from Tromsø, the perfect place to spot whales and the northern lights. Even at the same time. A sailing holiday in Norway can make every adventure lover happy.

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