Galapagos South America

Sailing holidays: Galapagos, cobalt bays and active volcanoes for your oceanic adventures.

The sea and beaches of Galapagos are populated by many exotic animals. While walking on a beach you can meet iguanas and tortoises; it’s like going back in time and meeting prehistoric animals.

Would you like to explore magical islands far away from common destinations during your sailing holidays? Galapagos: an archipelago punctuated by active volcanoes that will be the landscape of your sailing experience with their puffs that will create a spectacular atmosphere.
Stop in Bartolomè: here the landscape is majestic with the legendary “Pínnacle Rock”. You can climb the mountain and enjoy the amazing view of the main islands from the top.

Sailing holidays in the Galapagos:

You can choose between wonderful trekking itineraries or swimming and meeting penguins or iguanas in search of food.

There are no available holidays for this destination at this moment.