Patagonia - Ushuaïa South America

Sailing holidays: Patagonia, Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego. Legendary places where white glaciers meet the transparency of the sea.

Here the sky is clear, long distances gets shorter and mountains reflect in the water. Ushuaia and Drake Passage are names that evoke the legend of these places
Sailing holidays? Patagonia: Isla Grande, Wollaston, Cape Horn, these islands close to Strait of Magellan will be the starting point for hikes on the glaciers or in the woods of the Tierra del Fuego where you can spot a lot of wild animals such as beavers, giant woodpeckers and the beautiful kingfisher .
Among the many accessible Argentinian glaciers you can’t miss the Perito Moreno, the real symbol of Patagonia.

Sailing holidays in the Patagonia:

Fascinating and adventurous scenarios for your sailing holiday? Patagonia: a name that suddenly takes you to the ends of the earth. You will sail among islands and channels of the ancient explorers reaching high latitudes where Altlantic and Pacific Ocean meet and their waters blend together.

These are the last people to have explored Patagonia - Ushuaïa.