Fjords and little archipelagos for your sailing holidays? Spain and Galicia: a little paradise overlooking the Atlantic.

Set sails for Islas Cíes: three little islands located in the entrance of the Ría de Vigo, one of the typical watercourses of this area.
Sunny beaches and fjords set the ideal place to enjoy silence, protected bays and infinite landscapes.
An alternative suggestion for your sailing holidays? Spain and Galicia. You will sail in the most beautiful bays and capes in the world with pristine nature and a spectacular view on the Ocean.

Sailing holidays in Galicia:

Go ashore and visit a place where Spanish architecture meets modern European style. Stop in La Coruna: take a walk in the neighbourhoods of the city and reach the boardwalk dominated by the majestic Torre d’Ercole lighthouse, dating back to the Roman period. The landscape here has a strong visual impact but cuisine is exquisite too! Take the time to taste a wonderful dinner eating fish that always enrich the tables of Galician restaurants