Sailing holidays in Turkey: discover the rich beauty of the Turquoise Coast.

Boating holidays in Turkey. Explore monumental Mediterranean fjord landscapes.

The long, rich, and, diverse history of Turkey means there is an extraordinary amount of culture to be learned and experienced. Located on the edge of Europe, Turkey is a welcoming land and the cradle of ancient civilisations.

Best time to travel: Sailing trips around Turkey are ideal between late April right through until October.

Costs: A sailing weekend from €150 per person, a week sailing from €400 per person.

Sailing in Turkey:

The Mediterranean coast is over a thousand kilometres long, and it runs between quiet bays, rocky capes, and rural fishing villages that give access to the beauties of the mainland - which is full of well kept remains of Greek and Roman cities, such as Ephesus.

After a week of monumental Mediterranean fjord landscapes, freshly sourced seafood, and open sea swimming in the opal waters - you might want to stay.

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