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Why join the Sailsquare adventure?

  • Generate an income, by living your passion!

    More than €10 million has been paid out to Skippers on Sailsquare. Transform your passion to a revenue source. Publish your sailing adventures, set your price - with no inscription fee, only pay a fee on your earnings.
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    Sailsquare is a community of over 130,000 curious travellers, who are interested in a unique sailing adventure. Over 30,000 travellers have already set sail with us!
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    Our Skipper Support Team is there to help you every step of the way - from holiday posting advice to collecting and distributing booking revenue.
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    Our payment system and terms and conditions protect you against the risk of cancellations, and guarantee that if a trip is confirmed, you will be paid.

What are the requirements to list my holidays on Sailsquare?

  • A sailboat

    You must have a sailboat or catamaran with at least 2 cabins, that are in an excellently kept condition, and your boat must be covered with insurance. You must be compliant in conformity with the relevant fiscal laws and safety regulations.
  • Sailing experience

    You need to have at least 1,000 miles captaining a boat in the last three years. In addition, you will need to have the sufficient training and qualifications necessary in the country in which you will be active in.
  • Respect and understanding

    Safety conscious, friendly, and considerate are essential qualities you must have to undertake successful sailing trips and ensure your travellers return happy!
  • Passion

    Share your enthusiasm for sailing and for the places you’re visiting! Remember, the Sailsquare community are looking for unforgettable sailing experiences!