There are more than 50.000 travelers waiting to get on board with you and your sailing boat

With sailsquare you can start making money enjoying your sailing boat with like-minded people.
Live your passion for the sea as it suits yourself!

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Why becoming a skipper on sailsquare?

  • Live at full your passion: sailing!

    Arrange a holiday in your favourite sailing areas and host sailsquare users that best suit your personality.
  • Turn your boat into a source of income

    No registration costs are required: just establish the fee for each participant and you’ll pay commissions only on confirmed ones.
  • We are many and we’ll be more soon

    Travelers belonging to sailsquare community have grown at the rocketing speed of 200% during last year. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to take them all on your boat!
  • Carefree simplicity

    Travelers fees will be automatically gathered through your holiday page, and with our tools you’ll have everything under control.

What requirements should I satisfy to organize my holidays on sailsquare?

  • Sailboat

    You must own a well-maintained sailing boat with at least 2 cabins, regularly covered by insurance. You must verify to be in conformity with fiscal, navigation and onboard security norms. You must not be an organization, a broker or a charter company.
  • Solid experience

    You and the boat must hold all the licenses required for the activities you want to propose. As you'll be the one at the helm, you must demonstrate to have a strong experience as a skipper of boats longer than 35 feet, have travelled at least 1.000 miles in the last 3 years and be at least 22 years old.
  • Social attitude

    When setting sail with people you don’t know, it is essential to be full of initiative and flexible. Happy ending holidays are up to you!
  • Passion

    Infect your travelers with your enthusiasm for sailing and for the places you’re visiting: a simple holiday can become an unforgettable experience.

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