There are more than 130.000 travelers looking for setting sails with you and your sailboat

Sailsquare connects local and passionate skippers with travellers willing to live a sailing experience. Live your passion and earn with your sailboat in a safe and clear way!

List your holidays!

Why joining as a skipper on Sailsquare?

  • Live your passion by earning with your sailboat

    List your holidays and fix a price for them. No registration costs required: a commission is due only on confirmed bookings (fees are collected by Sailsquare).
  • Need some numbers?

    130,000 users, more than 30,000 travelers and more than 10 millions euros payed to skippers for bookings received on the world leading platform for sailing experiences.
  • Carefree simplicity

    Our Customer Care service is ready to help you whenever you need and our platform takes care of collecting bookings and fees for you.
  • Full transparency and guarantees

    Don’t stress about last minute booking cancellations: Sailsquare protects you and the fees collected on your behalf providing a simple cancellation policy.

What are the requirements I should meet to list my holidays on Sailsquare?

  • Sailboat

    You must have a sailboat with at least 2 cabins in excellent maintenance conditions, covered by insurance. You have to be compliant in total conformity with fiscal laws and safety regulations on board. You cannot be a travel organization or a charter company.
  • Solid experience

    As you’ll be the one to steer the boat, you will have to demonstrate a solid experience with boats over 35ft, at least 1,000 miles traveled in the last three years and be more than 22 years old.
  • Social attitude

    When setting sail with people you don’t know, it is essential to be full of initiative and flexible. Holiday with happy endings are up to you!
  • Passion

    Share your enthusiasm for sailing and for the places you’re visiting: a simple trip can turn into an unforgettable experience.

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