Whale watching on a sailboat

Whale watching on a sailboat

Cruises on a sailing boat that involves travelers flanked by a WWF biologist, in scientific research activities for the preservation of the megafauna of the seas of the Mediterranean and the the world. An extraordinary experience of sighting cetaceans in contact with nature for a vacation of adventure, fun and relaxation.


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Why choose a whale watching holiday with WWF Travel?

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Synergy and experience

Sailsquare and WWF Travel join forces in this project, bringing experience and deep knowledge in the nautical tourism sector and in scientific research concerning fauna and terrestrial ecosystems. Driven by the same desire to bring travellers closer to scientific research on the cetaceans of our seas, together they have created the most extensive whale watching cruise proposal.

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Skipper enthusiasts and WWF biologists

Aboard every whale watching cruise organised by WWF travel there will be an expert biologist who, together with the skipper, will decide the best itineraries for observing the large cetaceans that populate our seas. As well as fun and relaxation, the aim of the holiday will be to spot dolphins, whales and other cetaceans, all using professional equipment.

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An unforgettable holiday

Suitable for families, groups of friends but also couples and solo travellers, a sailing holiday is an extraordinary experience that combines contact with nature with relaxation and fun. The magic of meeting and monitoring dolphins, whales and other cetaceans, accompanied by a WWF research biologist, adds adventure and environmental awareness to this already unique experience.

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7 reasons to go on a whale watching sailing cruise with WWF travel

  • Experience the magic of spotting the great cetaceans that populate our seas accompanied by a WWF research biologist who will share with the crew his knowledge, his passion and his tools.
  • Experience a unique and exciting that will make you return home with many wonderful memories.
  • Be part of a real research project that will see you as a protagonist in identifying and protecting dolphins, whales and other cetaceans that inhabit the waters of the Mediterranean.
  • Share the magic of the typical life on board: conviviality, respect and authenticity.
  • Discover the beauty of living in close contact with nature, in hidden bays away from crowded places.
  • Realize a cetacean sighting cruise on itineraries specially designed by the group of biologists and researchers of WWF Italy.
  • Travel consciously, with minimal impact on the planet: a sailing cruise is in fact one of the most environmentally friendly vacations you can take. The fuel is the wind and on board responsible behavior towards the environment and the ecosystem is encouraged.

Everything you need to know about WWF Travel whale watching cruises.

What is the best time to board a WWF cruise and what are the best places for sightings?

In general, you can take a WWWF research and whale watching cruise year-round. There are times that are more suitable to combine the cetacean sighting experience with the pleasantness of enjoying long, warm days.

During spring and autumn, weekends and long weekends are organized for research experiences that focus on the Italian coast, particularly in Sardinia, Liguria and Tuscany. In summer, in addition to weekly cruises to Italian destinations, cruises to Greece and the Balearic Islands are also added.

Does one need to have sailing experience?

Absolutely not. Anyone can board a WWF cetacean research and sighting cruise. And there are no age limits and anyone can enjoy this experience: from the solitary traveler, who wants to combine the pleasure of meeting new people on board with the thrill of experiencing cetacean sightings, to the family who wants to experience an adventure that is perfect for adults and children, to couples and groups of friends looking to relax, have fun and get in touch with nature.

WWF's experience and commitment to creating an environmentally friendly way to travel.

The love for the sea, its inhabitants and their protection represent a firm point in the programming of WWF Travel cruises, which is enriched with new travel formulas that combine the charm of a vacation in the most beautiful seas of our country with the possibility of living firsthand experiences related to research and conservation. Sailsquare and WWF propose a real experience of Citizen Science, a cruise on a sailing boat involved in scientific research activities WWF for the preservation of megafauna in the seas of the Mediterranean. An experience of sea and navigation accompanied by biologists researchers WWF, where you can learn to observe, identify and protect the cetaceans of our seas, from the threats they face every day, such as fishing and boating traffic.

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