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Seychelles by sailboat or catamaran

Guide to the most beautiful islands of the Seychelles archipelago

Paradise on earth exists: dozens of islands with breathtaking nature perfect to discover by sailboat or catamaran

The Seychelles boasts a unique natural heritage: virgin forests, sheer mountains, idyllic beaches, and an incredible variety of flora and fauna. These picture-postcard landscapes have inspired stories and tales that have fascinated sailors and writers for centuries. In fact, Ian Fleming was captivated by sea stories of pirates hiding their booty among these very islands. But only in more recent years has it been possible to come cruising freely to the Seychelles, chartering a sailboat or catamaran

Wild, unspoiled and many completely uninhabited islands have become a safe and perfect tourist destination for those who like to have fun by heading to unknown paradises.

Treating yourself to a boat vacation among these magnificent atolls during winter and spring is precisely the best time to leave the cold behind and immerse yourself in the warmth and tropical nature.

Between the coastal mangrove forests, beautiful parks and nature reserves that can also be reached by sea, the Seychelles is a paradise of biodiversity that can be easily explored from a boat's dock.

The ideal boat for sailing in these waters is the catamaran as its shallow draft allows you to get closer to shore and move freely among these rather shallow waters. Whether you choose to take a vacation of a week or more, you will find numerous catamaran experiences, often with hostesses on board, in total comfort and relaxation.

Best time of year

Seychelles has a warm tropical climate throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging from 26°C to 32°C. From December to March there are frequent downpours, heavy but short-lived rains. April and November, on the other hand, are the transitional months, the hottest times of the year characterized by no wind and high humidity. These months are the ideal time for snorkeling and diving as excellent underwater visibility is guaranteed. Finally, May to early October is a low rainfall period with sunny, warm days and a pleasant breeze, ideal for a sailing vacation.

Travel Ideas

Travel Ideas

A trip to the Seychelles is definitely about relaxing and discovering paradisiacal, unspoiled places. Like real Robinson Crusoes you will sail to isolated bays and uninhabited islets. The vacation will be characterised by quiet sailing between islands to discover one of the world's most beautiful exotic destinations.

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism

An archipelago consisting of over one hundred biodiversity-rich islands that are home to lush vegetation and unique and rare plant and animal species. The islands are divided into inner, mostly granitic and outer, coral. Seychelles is home to 12 National Parks, some marine and some terrestrial.  Many bays are still bordered by an almost intact coral reef.

Perfect for

Perfect for

A boating vacation in the Seychelles is ideal for unplugging and savouring the summer weather a few months in advance. You can find numerous catamaran experiences that provide comfort and total relaxation, suitable for families as well as couples on their honeymoon or seeking a romantic experience. For groups of friends, flotillas are often organised in April for fun and discovery of secret landscapes.

First time on a boat

First time on a boat

The Seychelles is undoubtedly one of the most popular exotic destinations, ideal for spending the spring and winter in the warmth. The sea tends to be calm, especially in April and November, when very little wind blows. Slightly rougher, on the other hand, from May to October, but it is still ideal for nice catamaran or sailboat sailing even for the less experienced.

The most beautiful islands in the Seychelles

Mahé, the island of plenty

Mahé, the island of plenty

The largest of the Seychelles islands but also the least considered by travelers. Mahé, in the common imagination is associated with the airport, most immediately move on to Praslin, La Digue or other islands. 

In reality Mahé has much to offer, starting with its capital Victoria, as well as the smallest capital in the world. The town is home to a quaint market the Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market, boisterous, colorful, smiling and authentic where the locals do their shopping, a great stop to stock up on provisions before setting sail! 

Near the town is Eden Island, an artificial island on which cottages, hotels and the marina that will most likely be your embarkation point have been built. Behind the island are a number of islets reflected in a paradisiacal sea including Sainte Anne Marine National Park, the first Marine Park established in the Indian Ocean.

For a half-day ashore you can opt for a hike up Les trois freres, a mountain with three peaks. After traversing vegetation among cinnamon trees, pineapples and carnivorous plants you will arrive at a vantage point to enjoy breathtaking views of Victoria and its surroundings. 

In Mahé, which has 44 miles of coastline, there is certainly no shortage of beaches including Beau Vallon, the most touristy; Port Glaud, a tongue of very white sand that at low tide connects to the nearby islet; Port Glaud Lagoon, characterized by emerald green water in total contrast to the surrounding turquoise; and Port Launay, with its still intact coral reef is the ideal stop for snorkeling.

Praslin, the earthly paradise

Praslin, the earthly paradise

It is no coincidence that on this island one has the feeling of living in Eden: an ancient local legend has it that paradise on earth is to be found on Praslin, the second largest island in the archipelago. The reason is that on this island grows Adam and Eve's famous "Tree of Good and Evil," or Coco de Mer: with the largest and heaviest seed in the world, weighing as much as 20 kg, it is a plant that produces extremely uniquely shaped fruit. On the island you can visit the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Step into the pristine past of these islands to discover the Coco de Mer. If you are lucky you may even spot the rare Seychelles black parrot.

From Praslin you can reach the island of Curieuse, home to a hundred or so giant tortoises, which live free here grazing on grass and leaves. The island is also home to a wonderful beach: Anse San José, among the most beautiful in the archipelago.

La Digue, the island that isn't there

La Digue, the island that isn't there

The fourth largest island in the entire archipelago and is only 4 km long. On La Digue, time seems to stand still, peace and silence reign. In fact, no cars circulate in this paradise and life flows slowly and quietly.

If you want to indulge in some shore excursions in La Digue you can visit the Union Estate, an estate where copra is still produced using ancient methods; climb the mountain, or rather hill, that dominates the island to enjoy a beautiful view of nearby Praslin as well; visit the Veuve Reserve and spot the "widow", a very rare bird that lives only here.

Unmissable is definitely Anse Source d'Argent, one of the most photographed beaches in the world; approaching it by catamaran will give you an enchanting view. The beach is surrounded by pink granite rocks, fine sand, turquoise water and a rich coral reef. 

Few restaurants, no discos or pubs, in La Digue you can enjoy only the natural beauty this small island has to offer, including magnificent sunsets.

Seychelles: the magic of a tropical adventure

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6 reasons to choose the Seychelles for your next sailing vacation

  • Postcard-perfect beaches

    You'll sunbathe on perfectly preserved paradise beaches, a picture-postcard landscape. You'll swim among crystal-clear, turquoise waters that are among the most beautiful in the world. 

  • Anticipation of summer

    You can savour summer while forgetting about the gray, cold winter for a few days. With one flight you will go from 5°C in the cities to 27°C in a corner of paradise. 

  • Giant Tortoises

    You will make friends with the famous secular turtles, a symbol of the archipelago, and swim among thousands of colorful fish. 

  • Unique biodiversity

    The archipelago is extremely rich in biodiversity in terms of both fauna and flora. You will stroll through landscapes characterized by granite rocks, mountains and jungles. 

  • Creole cuisine

    Seychelles cuisine is characterized by exotic and Asian influences. Taste typical Creole cuisine, based on fish and seafood.

  • Island hopping

    Aboard your catamaran you can engage in island hopping, one or more islands per day will be the perfect setting for your boat tour.

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Travel stories

Imaginez-vous maintenant, un instant, sur un catamaran à la découverte de cet archipel paradisiaque... Baignades dans des eaux turquoises, snorkeling avec des tortues, poissons frais au barbecue et bronzette sur une plage d'une île déserte... Alors, vous partez quand ?

Practical info


The Seychelles is an island state whose territory consists of an archipelago of 115 islands. Located in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar, it is surrounded by other island states. 

How to get there

The archipelago can be reached by air. From Italy, unlike other European cities such as Paris or London, there are no direct flights and it is necessary to make a stopover in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Istanbul. The international airport is Mahé, the main island. From here it is possible to reach the other islands with ease. 

Getting around

 The main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are linked by scheduled ferries; there is also an air link between the first two. Travel between the other smaller islands, on the other hand, is by private boats or helicopters. 


Seychelles has a warm tropical climate throughout the year, with average temperatures between 26°C and 32°C.  Because of the proximity to the equator, temperatures remain about the same making Seychelles a visitable destination any month of the year. However, there are seasonal differences caused by trade winds. 


The northwest trade winds, the strongest winds, blow from November to March and bring intense but brief rains. While southeast trade winds are light and pleasant winds and blow mainly between May and October. 

Ports and marinas

The main and most touristy port is definitely Eden Island on Mahé, the departure base for many cruises. You will find two other small marinas only on La Digue and Praslin; on the other islands there are no ports and you will have to anchor at anchor. 


A boating vacation in the Seychelles requires at least a week to ten days. You will find experiences starting at 1,500 euros per person. The price can vary greatly depending on the period, the boat and the service offered.

Beaches not to be missed during sailing vacation in Seychelles

  • Anse Lazio - Praslin

    True pearl of the island. A very large bay washed by clear waters with blue and emerald hues. Unlike many other bays it is not protected by a reef, mooring here can be difficult in windy weather. However, we recommend that you stop at least for a dip. 

  • Grand Anse - La Digue

    This bay also lacks a reef. Here the wind may pick up quickly and it is best to anchor close to the beach to stay sheltered. Wild, unspoiled and uncrowded since it is difficult to reach by land. This is the bay dedicated to silence and meditation

  • Beau Vallon - Mahé

    Sheltered from strong ocean currents by the presence of two very high headlands, Beau Vallon is a calm place where the rhythms are slow. Stopping on a boat, being lulled by the waves and admiring the sky at sunset, while starting to prepare dinner, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

  • Anse Source d’Argent - La Digue

    The reef acts as a watershed between the blue water of the ocean and the clear sea that goes all the way to the shore, where fine white sand stretches out. On the seabed, colorful fish and sea turtles can be seen with the naked eye swimming along with the occasional shark. When anchoring, pay attention to the rocks near the reef. 

  • Anse Georgette - Praslin

    A truly pristine beach located north of the island. It is a private beach within an exclusive resort, but accessible by sea. Emerald waters and white sand, Anse Georgette is a green bay enclosed by tall palm trees and dense vegetation.

  • Anse Severe - La Digue

    This is one of the best places for snorkeling. In addition to housing a coral reef, an incredible amount of fish and turtles swim in its waters. A perfect piece of paradise for families, where children can swim in total safety. Don't miss the sunset. 

  • Anse Cocos - La Digue

    Difficult to reach by land but easily accessible by sea, the beach offers a unique spectacle. A long stretch of golden sand, an emerald green sea and the ever-present wind-smoothed granite rocks. The island's first settlements are said to have taken place here, evidenced by the presence of some characteristic ruins. Be careful not to get too close as the seabed is shallow and partially coral, better to get there by catamaran.

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