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Last update: March 7, 2023

The present document summarises the policies about cancellation and refund of bookings made on the Platform. These policies apply to all Experiences and their Departures, except those for which the special refund policy of the Provider organising the Experience shall prevail, as specified in the section “Payment and Cancellation” inside every Experience page, if applicable.

This document forms an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions.

Key terms

Provider: a user - registered on the Platform - enabled to list Experiences.

Traveller: is a user - registered on the Platform - interested in taking part in the Experiences proposed by Providers.

​​Departure: one of the occurrences in which a particular Experience is organised by the Provider proposing it.

Minimum Crew: it’s the minimum number of people that must participate in a ​​Departure in order for it to be Confirmed. This value is defined by the Provider at the time of the creation of the Experience itself.

The Provider may NOT change this number after the listing of the Departure, but he/she can confirm it, regardless of the number of participants.

Confirmed Departure: a Confirmed Departure is a Departure that has been confirmed by the Provider organising it who, therefore, commits to carrying it out.

A Departure can be in Confirmed status since its creation, or switch to Confirmed when it reaches a number of participants equal to the Minimum Crew. Furthermore, regardless of the number of participants, the Provider can confirm a Departure at any time before its start. When a Departure that was not previously confirmed switches to Confirmed, all Travellers taking part in it receive an email notification of such change of state.

Experience Price: the fee due to take part in an Experience, expressed as price per person and/or, for sailing experiences only, as the price to reserve the whole boat.

Cancellation of a booking by the Provider

From the moment you make a booking for an Experience, the Provider who organises it has 24 hours time to cancel your reservation. This may happen mainly in the case where the Provider has not updated the availability of spots and on Sailsquare a number of available spots higher than actual is shown for the selected Departure.

Sailsquare is a community based on trust and transparency. For this reason, the Provider has always the right to cancel your booking, even after 24 hours from the reservation, in case you have filled in your profile with inaccurate or untrue data (i.e your age or gender, etc.) or you have omitted peculiar needs (i.e. diets, pharmacotherapies, need to bring pets with you, etc.) or physical conditions that may be risky for your safety during navigation.

In the event that the Provider cancels your participation in an Experience, you will be fully refunded the amount paid.

Cancellation of a booking by the Traveller

As long as the Departure of the Experience you have booked is not Confirmed, you may opt out to participate in it and receive a refund of the amount paid - excluding the cost of any additional Sailsquare services selected at the time of booking.

If the Departure of the Experience you have booked is Confirmed, you may opt out to participate in it and receive a refund of the amount paid, excluding the cost of any additional Sailsquare services selected at the time of booking, only if there are 30 or more days until the start date. In order to cancel your booking, please contact our Customer Care Service.

Otherwise, you don’t have the right to be refunded the paid amount either partially or totally.

In case the Provider confirms the Experience before departure, regardless of the achievement of the Minimum Crew, you have the right to cancel your booking within 48 hours after receiving the notification email confirming the Departure.

Departure cancellation

Departures can be cancelled for the following reasons:


If a Departure is cancelled, you will be refunded the amount paid, unless you have previously cancelled your booking.

In no other case, including, for example, reasons of force majeure, bad weather or other factors that prevent the effective carrying out of the planned program, you are entitled to a total or partial refund of the amount paid.

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