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Yacht sailing holidays & skippered tours in Saronic Islands & Athens

The Saronic Islands, easily accessible through Athens, are a beautiful archipelago in the Aegean's Saronic Gulf. Each of the five Saronic islands has kept its authentic character, landscapes, and culture making for a rich skippered sailing holiday.



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Get onboard solo, with your family or your friends

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Sailing holidays that suit all budgets

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Reviews - Yacht sailing holidays & skippered tours in Saronic Islands & Athens

96 reviews

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The fantastic Saronic Islands and the surroundings of Athens


Anja W.



I recently returned from a one-week sailing trip to the Saronic Islands it was an absolutely fantastic experience. This was my first time on a sailing boat and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Alessandro, our very knowledgeable and experienced skipper, was the best I could have wished for. He made me feel very safe throughout the journey and ensured the entire experience was super relaxed. We visited many stunning islands, each with its own charm. Allessandro took us to beautiful, quiet bays for swims, away from the crowds, making each stop feel like a private paradise. He also knew all the best restaurants, where we enjoyed delicious local cuisine. The boat itself was beautiful and very comfortable, providing the perfect home away from home. This trip was everything I hoped for and more. I highly recommend this sailing adventure and can't wait for my next trip!
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The fantastic Saronic Islands and the surroundings of Athens


Steve T.



My family and I spent a week onboard with Alessandro exploring the Saronic Islands. We were taken to some amazing places that I will remember forever. Some were busy with people and tourists and some were completely ours - just the bay and our boat. This was a trip of a lifetime with a great skipper!
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Orthodox Easter in Greece in the Saronic Islands


Albert P.



Una experiencia inolvidable con Pierluigi y Nicoletta. No solo disfrutarás de las playas y el mar, sino que vivirás una inmersión cultural y gastronómica en el lugar de destino. A pesar de ir con un grupo exclusivamente de italianos, me hicieron sentir uno más del grupo y la barrera lingüística no fue ningún problema, ya que dominan el inglés e incluso el español. Lo repetiría mil veces. Si tienes dudas, ¡no te lo pienses!
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Sailing cruise in the Greek islands - The Saronic Islands





Pour la seconde fois, j’ai pris énormément de plaisir à naviguer avec Bertrand autour des îles Saroniques. Cette fois ci nous avons poussé jusque Nauplie, situé à l’Ouest du Peloponeise, dans le Golf Argolique. Émettant le désir de faire une navigation de nuit, Bertrand n’a pas hésité à adapter l’´itinéraire pour répondre à ma demande.

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6 reasons to choose the Saronic Islands for your next sailing holidays:

  • Incorporate your Greek sailing holiday with a trip to Athens.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of Hydra - the island without cars.
  • Discover the peaceful forests of Poros or spend a night in a charming local tavern of the old port of Spetses.
  • Explore the ancient historic Temple of Aphaia on the island of Aigina or the Byzantine city of Palaiochora.
  • Enjoy the beautiful Saronic beaches - such as the Marathonas in Aegina.
  • Relish unique architectural towns and unique natural beauty.

The best places & specific destinations to visit during your sailing holiday in the Saronic Islands:

Sailing the Saronic Islands allows for both a mix of island hopping the Greek Isles as well as some coastal sailing around the mainland Greek peninsula. The Saronics are a very popular region with skippers and make for an excellent sailing holiday destination amongst solo travellers, groups and families alike. The Saronic Gulf offers ideal sailing conditions throughout a long period of the year, and the islands of Salamis, Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, Dokos, and Peloponnese make for brilliant highlights.

Sailing holidays in Hydra

A picturesque island with wildly natural coasts and a mountainous terrain. Several of the islands coves are rocky and inhospitable for boats - once helping as a natural defense. Hydra, considered as one of the pearls of the Saronics, is now home to a charming seaside resort - however, motorised vehicles remain forbidden! Transport is either by foot, donkey, or water-taxi. The town of Hydra, otherwise known as Hydra port, is the only town on the island. The harbour is full of charm and its red-tiled houses and slithering alleyways have lots of character. There are a handful of beautiful beaches on the island including Molos, Agios Nikolaos, Palamida and Kaminia.

Sailing holidays in Monemvasia

The island of is Monemvasia located at the southern tip of Laconia, connected to the mainland by 200m causeway. Monemvasia is arguably one of the most stunning locations in Greece. The island is mostly a large rock plateau that is the site of a medieval fortress. The town of Monemvasia rests just below on the south side of the island, where there are approximately only a dozen people that live here year round.

Sailing holidays in Poros

Poros is in fact made up of two islands, Sphaeria (or Sferia), where are the city and the port, and Calauria (or Kalavria) - the two islands connected by a bridge. The island of Sphaeria is of volcanic origin. Both islands are mountainous and green with the hills covered by pine trees. Inland, there are beautiful streets, where you can find small white houses with colourful shutters. Many of the charming beaches on Poros are on the south coast of Kalavria, some with pebble beaches and some golden sand.

Sailing holidays in Spetses

Spetses is a small, yet elegant and cheerful island. The scent of jasmine fills the air and has been gifted the nickname the “pearl”. It offers unrivalled levels of relaxation and peace, with delightful views out onto the Saronic Gulf. The evenings are made soft music by the locals and candle lit dinner tables - an island to make memories.

Tips to help you to better plan for your next sailing holidays in the Saronic Islands:

All you need to know about your next cruise in the Saronics aboard a sailboat.

When to go to the Saronic Islands for a sailing holiday

The region enjoys a warm climate for large parts of the year, however, it is recommended to sail in the Saronic Islands between early April and late October.

Holiday prices

You can find experiences for a week in the Saronic Islands and around Athens with a skipper from €500 per person. This figure excludes transportation. It is important to remember that prices may vary depending on the month of travel and the style of boat.

Transport options to and from your holiday

Flying to Athens is the easiest way to find the Saronic Islands. Athens is well connected with international airports around the world. It is recommended that you contact the organising skipper of any given holiday to obtain more specific, tailored advice and information on transport options.

Sailing in the Saronic Gulf solo, as a couple, or with friends and family

Whether you’re looking for options for couples, a whole boat booking for families and groups of friends, or options for solo travellers there are different experiences to suit you. Be it a trip aboard a sailboat or catamaran, you can book one or multiple spots onboard without having to form your own group of travellers. Find like-minded people and return home with new friends!

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