Last update: 18/04/2017

Our ground rules

  • We won’t spam you!
  • We only collect information about you that allows us to improve our service
  • Your information will not be sold or transmitted to others
  • We will only use your email address for keeping in touch (if you wish), for notifications and support

Your rights

  • You can update your email address and any other account information
  • You can delete your account whenever you like
  • You can ask what personal information we hold about you
  • You can request to delete all your personal information in our systems

sailsquare srl (hereinafter sailsquare) respects your right to privacy and fully complies with the laws governing the confidentiality of your Personal Data. This page describes how our Website is managed with regards to the management of your Personal Data and privacy. This is pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. N. 196/2003, which governs Data Protection in Italy. The following information applies only to our Website and not to other websites that may be accessed via links placed on our Website or in emails that we may send to you.

Personal Data Processing

Both Personal Data collected automatically by our Website and those entered voluntarily by you, is carefully handled according to the procedures listed below.

Data Controller

Data Controller and Contact Person for Data Protection is:
Sailsquare srl - Viale Daniele Ranzoni 15/A - 20149 Milano (Italy)

Should you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or our Data Processing activities, suggestions or complaints about the protection and privacy of your Personal Data, or wish to exercise your rights mentioned here, please contact us.

Data Collection

Sailsquare collects, autonomously or by third parties, the following Personal Data: email addresses, password, name, surname, gender, birth date, spoken languages, permanent address, tax code, profile picture, nautical experience and their licenses, Cookie and Browsing Data.
Further Personal Data could be indicated in other sections of this policy or through additional information texts that appears when collecting the aforementioned Data.

Personal data can either be inserted voluntarily by the User, or collected automatically when using the Website.
The potential use of Cookies or other tracking tools by sailsquare or by owners of third services used by sailsquare - unless otherwise specified - has the purpose to identify the user and register his/her interests only for purposes that are strictly related to the provision of the service requested by the User.

The missing conferral of personal data by the User could prevent sailsquare from providing its service.
The User has responsibility for published or shared personal data of third parties via sailsquare and guarantees to have the right to express or disseminate them, relieving the Owner of any responsibility towards third parties.

Data Collection Methods


The Data Controller processes Data adopting appropriate security measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of Personal Data. The treatment is realized through IT or telematic tools, with organizational methods and logics strictly related to the indicated purposes. Besides Data Controller, some categories involved into the organization of the Website may have access to Data: administration, sales, marketing, legal, system administration personnel or external parties (such as technical services suppliers, courier services, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) if necessary, they can be nominated as Processing Responsible by the Owner.
The updated list of people in charge can be requested to the Data Controller.


Data are processed in the headquarters of the Data Controller and in any other place in which involved parties may be located.
For further information, contact the Data Controller.


The Data are processed for the period of time required to provide the service requested by the User or for the purposes mentioned in this document; the User is always allowed to ask to stop the processing or delete the Data.

Purpose of processing

Here below are listed the purposes of Personal Data processing, collected Data and involved suppliers of other services.

Data Collection allows us to:

  1. supply the services offered by the Website for administrative or technical purposes;
  2. share of information with other Users and visitors of the Website;
  3. respond to specific requests;
  4. update you on new services provided by the Website or in connection with special commercial offers;
  5. inform you about the maintenance of the Website, system failures, changes in the usage of the Website and updates to our Terms & Conditions;
  6. perform User profiling for marketing purposes;
  7. protect the Website Owner against any abuse in the usage of the Website or related services.

Some handling of Personal Data may require your explicit consent.
Certain pages of the Website may contain specific information about particular services or the handling of the Data you supplied.

Using the services of the Website you are explicitly agreeing to the collection, transfer, usage, storage, dissemination and other uses of your Personal Data as described in this document. Regardless of country of residence and of the country in which the information is provided to sailsquare, this information may be used by sailsquare in Italy or in other EU member states.

Sharing and Transferring Your Personal Data

Your Personal Data will not be transmitted to third parties, except in the cases described below.

Explicit consent
sailsquare may share or transmit your Personal Data after the collection of an additional explicit consent, listing the Data subject to be processed, the purposes and authorised parties.

Suppliers and partners
sailsquare may share Personal Data with third parties such as suppliers, employees and partners of sailsquare, provided that it is strictly necessary for the provision of the services to you (such as renting a boat) and only in accordance with provisions contained in this document.

Legal obligations
sailsquare may disclose your Personal Data according to law or in compliance with requests from competent authorities.

Divestiture of the business
sailsquare may transfer your Personal Data to third parties in connection with the sale of the Website and its activities, either fully or partially, in the case where the transferee agrees to treat the Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of this document.

Details on Personal Data processing

Personal Data are collected for the following purposes, exploiting the following services:

Access to accounts on third parties

 These services allow sailsquare to take Data from your account on third parties and perform actions with them. These services are automatically activated, but they require an explicit authorization by the User.

Access to Facebook account (sailsquare)
This service allows sailsquare to connect with the user account to Facebook social network, provided by Facebook, Inc.
Required authorizations: email, name, surname, gender, birth date, main language, friend list.
Processing Location : USA – Privacy Policy

Registration and authentication

 With registration or authentication, the User allows the Website to identify him or give him access to dedicated services. According to what indicated below, registration and authentication services could be provided with third parties’ cooperation. Should this happen, this site can have access to some data stored by third parties and only used for registration or identification.

Direct registration (sailsquare)

 The User signs up for the Website by filling in a registration form and providing directly to sailsquare his/her own Personal Data.
Personal Data processed: email, password, name, surname, gender, birth date.

 Facebook Authentication (Facebook, Inc.)
Facebook Authentication is a registration and authentication service provided by Facebook, Inc. and it is linked to Facebook social network.
Personal Data processed: several types of Data according to Facebook Privacy Policy.

Processing Location : USA – Privacy Policy

Payment handling

Payment service providers allow sailsquare to process payments via credit card, bank transfer or other payment methods. The data used for the payment are acquired directly by the requested payment service provider without being processed by sailsquare. Besides, some of these services could allow sending an established number of messages to the user, such as emails containing invoices or payment notifications.

PayPal (Paypal Inc.)

 Paypal is a payment service provided by Paypal Inc. that allows the User to make online payments using personal Paypal login information.

Personal Data processed: several types of Data according to Paypal Privacy Policy.

 Processing Location : USA – Privacy Policy

Support and contact requests handling

These services allow sailsquare to handle support and contact requests received via email or other tools, such as contact form or live chat.

 Processed Personal Data depends on the information given by the user inside messages and during conversations with our Customer Support service, but also on the communication tool, for example the email address.
For live chat platforms, it is possible for user information to be collected in the pages where the service is used, even for those who don’t use it. Moreover, live chat conversation could be registered.

Zendesk (Zendesk, Inc.)
Zendesk is a service that manages support and contact requests and it is provided by Zendesk, Inc.

Personal Data processed: several types of Data according to Zendesk Privacy Policy.

Processing Location : USA – Privacy Policy

Zopim (Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd)
Zopim widget is a service interacting with Zopim live chat platform, provided by Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd.

Personal Data processed: Cookies and Browsing Data.

 Processing Location : Singapore – Privacy Policy

Email addresses and sending of email messages handling

These services allow to manage a database of email addresses, telephone contacts or any other kind of contact used to communicate with the user. An example could be the newsletter.
Besides the collection of data such as the date and time when the User reads the messages we could also collect information on the user interaction with the messages and about the clicks made on the links found in the messages.

Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC)
Mailchimp is a mailing list, newsletter and DEM infrastructure provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC.

Personal Data processed: Email.

Processing Location : USA – Privacy Policy

Mandrill (The Rocket Science Group, LLC)
Mandrill is an email gateway service provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC

 Personal Data processed: Browsing Data and email

 Processing Location : USA – Privacy Policy

Internal messaging system

Internal messaging system allows a user to send a message to one or more users directly on the platform. sailsquare can store any info related to this kind of messages, including their content, the date and time when the message is sent, the sender and the receiver of the message.


For specific services used by the Website we refer to the section of the paragraph concerning to extended Cookie Policy.

Extended Cookie Policy

Cookies are mall text-files that a web server stores on the user's browser; they are useful to provide the service according to the described purposes. Some of the purposes related to the installation of Cookies could require User’s approval.

Technical Cookies and Cookies serving aggregated statistical purposes

Activities strictly required for the operation of the service

Sailsquare uses Cookies to save user session and provide activities that are strictly required for the operation of the service on the website, for example traffic distribution.

Activities for saving preferences, improvement and statistics

Sailsquare uses Cookies to store navigation preferences and improve the navigation experience of the user. An example of these Cookies are language setting cookies or statistics management cookies.

Other types of Cookies or third tools that could use them
Some of the services listed below collect aggregated statistics and couldn’t require User approval, or could either be directly managed by the Owner - according to what has been described - without third parties support.
Whether among the tools indicated below were also services managed by third parties, these could track User activity, even without owner’s knowledge and besides what has already been specified.

Interaction with live chat platforms

These services allow to interact with live chat platforms, managed by third parties and directly from sailsquare pages. The user can contact sailsquare support service or sailsquare is allowed to contact the user while navigating through the pages. Whether an interaction service is installed with live chat platforms, the collection of browsing data could be possible. Besides that, live chat conversation could be recorded.

Zopim widget (Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd)
Zopim widget is an interaction service integrated with Zopim live chat platform, provided by Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd.
Personal Data processed: Cookies and Browsing Data.
Processing Location: Singapore – Privacy Policy


The services contained in the following section allow the Data Controller to supervise and analyze data that are useful to track user behaviour.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses collected Personal Data to track and examine sailsquare use, fill in reports and share them with other services developed by Google. Google could use Personal Data to contextualise and personalize ads of its advertising network.
Personal Data processed: Cookies and Browsing Data.
Processing Location: USA – Privacy Policy - Opt Out

Tracking Google Adwords conversions (Google Inc.)
Tracking Google Adwords conversions is a statistics service provided by Google Inc. that connects data deriving from Google Adwords network to actions that occurred inside Sailsquare.
Personal Data processed: Cookies and Browsing Data.
Processing Location: USA – Privacy Policy

Tracking Facebook Ads conversions (Facebook, Inc.)
Tracking Facebook Ads conversions is a statistics service provided by Facebook, Inc. that links data deriving from Facebook Adwords network to actions made inside Sailsquare.
Personal Data processed: Cookies and Browsing Data.
Processing Location: USA – Privacy Policy

How can I control Cookies installation?
In addition to what indicated in this document, the User can manage Cookies preferences directly from the browser and avoid, for example, third parties from installing them. Using browser preferences is also possible to delete Cookies installed in the past, including Cookies in which the consent of Cookies installation of this site was saved. It is important to notice that uninstalling all Cookies, the site couldn’t work properly. The User can find info on Cookies management inside the browser used.
In case of third parties services, the User can exercise the right to refuse tracking, getting info via privacy policy of the third party, clicking on opt out link if explicitly provided or contacting directly the third party.

Services Provided by Third Parties

Through the Website certain services provided by third parties are available. The collection and use of Data by the services listed below are managed by their respective privacy policies.

Sailsquare is not responsible for the privacy compliance of its partners, suppliers, affiliates, contributors, even if a link to their services appears on the Website.

Mailing List/Newsletter

These services allow us to better manage and monitor our mailing list so that we can deliver useful and relevant information to you via email.

MailChimp is a mailing list service supplied by MailChimp Inc. ("MailChimp") that allows us to manage our contact database and send you emails linked to the services that we offer on our Website. The service allows us to collect information about the date and time that emails are viewed, as well as information on clicks and the addresses contained in the mail. For further information on the use of Personal Information by MailChimp please visit the following link.

Social Widgets/Buttons

These services allow you to interact and share information from this Website directly through your social networks.

Facebook social buttons/widgets
This is a service operated by Facebook Inc. ("Facebook"), a company that complies with the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework, guaranteeing that your Personal Data is handled in compliance with European security standards. The service allows you to interact with the social network via this Website. Facebook, through User clicks, acquires information about your visits to the Website. Facebook does not share any information or Data in its possession with our Website or the Data Controller. For further information on the use of Personal Information by Facebook, please visit the following link

Twitter social buttons/widgets
This is a service supplied by Twitter Inc. ("Twitter"), a company that complies with the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework, guaranteeing that your Personal Data is handled in compliance with European security standards. By simply clicking on the Twitter button on the Website ("Twitter Button") the service allows you to share “liking” the Website via without having to leave the page. This allows you to associate your Twitter profile to the Website, making this information accessible to anyone on the web. For further information on the use of Personal Data by the Twitter Button service offered by Twitter, please visit the following link

Google +1 Button
Google +1 is a service operated by Google Inc. ("Google") that allows Users to publicly share information and receive personalised content from Google and its partners. When the User clicks the +1 button ("+1 Button"), this action is recorded by Google, along with information about the page the User is viewing. In order to use the Google +1 button, Users need to have a Google profile that is visible to anyone and that includes the User's chosen profile name. Google allows you to view the identity profile of people who have your email address or other identifying information. The information sent to Google is used in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy. Google may share aggregate statistics about the User's usage of the +1 button with other Users of Google and partners (such as publishers, advertisers or linked Websites). The Data is stored in Google's servers in the United States and other countries. Google complies with the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework, guaranteeing that Personal Data is handled in compliance with European security standards. Sometimes the handling of Personal Data is carried out outside the User's country of residence. For more information on the use of Personal Data by the Google +1 service please visit the following link

User Rights

The user has the right, at any time to obtain the confirmation of the existence of personal Data from the Data Controller, to know the content and the origin of Data, to verify its accuracy and to request the integration, deletion, update or correction, transformation in anonymous form or the arrest of Personal Data processed violating the law, together with the refusal of the treatment for legitimate reasons. Requests must be submitted to the Data Controller.
Sailsquare doesn’t allow “do not track” requests. To verify if third services support these requests, please refer to privacy policies.

User responsibilities

Through self-profiling or other features of the Website the User may publish information or content on the Website, including: biographical Data, interests, nautical experience, holiday photos and videos, comments and messages to other Users. The user is fully responsible for all information provided and agrees to abide by the rules and policies stated in the Terms of service and Website Guidelines. By providing such information on the Website, the User gives explicit consent to the management of such Data by sailsquare and freely accepts their unique responsibility arising from the agreement.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

The Data Controller has the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, giving notice to Users on this page. Therefore, it is highly suggested to visit this page frequently referring to the last update, reported at the top of the page.
In case of missing approval of new modifications to this Privacy Policy, the User is required to cease the use of the Website and can ask for the removal of the Data. Unless otherwise specified, the former Privacy Policy will continue to be applied to Personal Data collected until that moment.



Refers to sailsquare website:

Personal Data

Refers to any information relating to a natural person, which is or can be identified, even indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.

Browsing Data

Data collected automatically from the Website -or from third parties’ applications used by sailsquare- It includes: IP addresses or domain names used to connect to the Website, addresses in the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), time of the request, method used to submit the request to the server, size of the response file, numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server (successful, error, etc), country of origin, characteristics of the browser and operating system used by the visitor, time-related elements of the visit (for example, time spent on each page), navigation route followed on the Website including the sequence of pages viewed - in particular the sequence of viewed pages, and other parameters regarding the User's computer and its operating system.

User or Users

Refers to the individual user of the services provided through the Website to whom the Personal Data refers.

Interested parties

Natural or legal person to whom Personal Data refer.

Person in charge of Data Processing

Natural or legal person, the Public Administration or any other entity, association or system designed by the Data Controller, according to what has been established by this Privacy Policy.

Data Controller or Owner

Natural or legal person, the Public Administration or any other entity, association or system - also in cooperation with another Owner - in charge of taking decisions concerning purposes, treatment process of Personal Data, tools - including the security profile. Unless otherwise specified, the Owner of the Treatment is the Owner of Sailsquare.

Legal References

Notice for european users: this privacy policy is drawn up to adhere to the terms specified in act. 10 of Directive 95/46/EC, besides what has been designed by Directive 2002/58/EC, updated by Directive 2009/136/EC with regard to Cookies policy.