Best Greek islands to visit: skipper review

July 26, 2017

Best Greek islands to visit : skipper review

Did anyone ever tell you that the best way to visit the Greek Islands is by sailboat? According to millions of travelers one of the best reason to visit Greece for your summer holidays is the wilderness of this country, its unique culture, the great climate and the natural diversity while sailors think that the 9.000 miles of coastline could offer much more than this! While Greece has an extremely large number of islands (about 3000 gems to explore): the Saronic Gulf is nice but there the winds are not strong compared to the Aegean, that together with the Ionian Sea is the most famous destination.

There you can have a good mixture of amazing sailing conditions a great wind and sapphire waters. Of course you have to be familiar with coves, currents, winds but also with restaurants, cafes, the best beaches and the places where to hang out for a perfect sailing holiday that your crew is expecting. So it is difficult to choose in this beautiful country the best Greek islands to visit but with some experience, the same with which you have learned how to sail, step by step, you can get the right itinerary for a great sailing holiday.

Best Greek islands to visit: Cyclades islands

Among the best Greek islands to visit there are the Cyclades that, exposed to the northwest wind (Meltemi) from July to August that can cause big waves, compose a challenging but an amazing sailing area, so you have to plan the cruise to be more comfortable after. The last difficulty is about distance so it is better to choose a classic itinerary choosing among the most popular destinations such as: Mykonos, Santorini, Mylos, Syros, Ios and Naxos, but is easily compensated by the breathtaking views and the stunning landscape. The islands lie to the South East of Athens and the Greek mainland and when you look at them is like to watch a postcard The attractions for the crew, seeking excitement are incomparable: water sports are always available everywhere at beaches such as windsurfing, canoeing, sea kayaking. The unique marine biodiversity of the Aegean archipelago has unique Coral beds for snorkeling lovers, so the life on the boat is enriched with many activities during the day as well as sailing for those people that want to learn to sail.

Last but not least every island has its own characteristics, so each day could be always different locals are friendly and the history is epic! So you can always find things to do even a visit to archaeological museums, ancient settlements or enjoy yourself to learn the traditional Greek dance! A very unforgettable sailing holiday for anyone with evocative bays, high cliffs, huge forests, mythical tales and remote areas that are easy to reach from everywhere but also for the delicious and healthy Greek cuisine!

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