Greece holidays: a guide to 5 beautiful Greek islands

June 5, 2017

Greece holidays: a guide to 5 beautiful Greek islands

Greece holidays 2017, are you ready to sail among the most beautiful Greek islands this summer? Here is a guide to 5 beautiful islands that you can’t miss, whether you’re looking for sandy beaches, uncontaminated places or pure fun.
According to millions of travelers and tourists, Santorini, Mykonos and Ios are the best ones and more popular among young people that really like party beaches and the entertainment. But.. If we told you there is much more to this? Many islands haven’t given up all their secrets and for you is an opportunity to discover the wilderness of this country, its culture and the best places where to escape the everyday life. With a sailboat you can reach them all, 5 beautiful spots that you might know and that’ll make you fall in an even deeper love with them.

Kastellorizo, the most quiet and peaceful among Greek islands

If you want your Greece holidays to have a touch of relaxation on a blissfully Greek island this is the best one where you can find silence combined to the magical music of an uncontaminated nature that pleasurably marks out the rhythm of the day, slow and relaxed. It is the background where the film “Mediterranean”, by Gabriele Salvatores was shot. The 9 sq km big island is a remote treasure of the Aegean, with a surprisingly distinct character that beyond appearances it boasts a glorious past (of which there are precious witnesses), rich and anything but not monotonous.


Hydra, the crown jewel among Greek islands

This is the place for holidays in Greece characterized by the total absence of traffic, because this island is blissfully free of motor vehicles: no cars, no buses, no scooters for hire. Hydra, with its unique charm, and built in the shape of an amphitheater is perfect for families, couples and young people looking for amusement. Frequented by Greek celebrities, it is one of the most picturesque islands and always elegant.

Milos, for Greece holidays among taverns, hidden spots and solitary beaches

Until a few years ago, Milos was very a quiet island, with its empty beaches, spectacular sunsets, a few taverns and nothing else. Today it is a popular destination for the Greek tourisms and the youngest and so it has become a pretty lively place. There is still a very relaxed tourism and the alcohol is not the protagonist, therefore, the island is not particularly noisy. It is a romantic Island, with an excellent food, kind-hearted people and breathtaking views, and it is ideal for people looking for peace and quiet for their holidays in Greece.


Symi, beautiful surroundings, nice taverns and wonderful waters.

Symi is an island that has a bit ‘of everything: ideal for the relaxation, is a touristic destination but really genuine. It is characterized by small alleys, pastel-colored houses and ancient ruins. In the summer, at the sunset there is peace everywhere. Ideal for pleasant walks in the deserted bays that follow each other along the way.

Alonissos: ecosystem diversity with dolphins and seals

Entirely protected by a marine park its beautiful natural habitat has not been so influenced by the tourism woke up by the “Mamma mia” effect as the older sisters Skiathos and Skopelos, featured in the movie, known to fans as “Kalokairi”. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene and a dense vegetation drains straight into the blue Aegean sea. Blessed with rugged natural landscapes, this place is wild and simple and a refuge for rare seabirds.


Images and words have inspired you to try these beautiful Greek islands for amazing Greece holidays? Yes, you will find turquoise waters, colorful houses, slow rhythms, Moussaka and Tzatziki!