How to pack for a sailing trip, a useful checklist

July 12, 2017

How to pack for a sailing trip and above all what not to bring?

Life in general (especially on a boat) consists of priorities and little compromises. But first of all we must dispel the myths such as: on a boat spaces are tremendously tight, you can’t take a shower and there is not electricity. Surely it would be better to avoid packing a rigid suitcase, that one used by our great-grandfather (God rests with his soul) and it is preferable to leave at home your professional hair straightener and curlers, but in any case on a boat the comfort exists and, with some little precautions and expedients, the space will be enough for all the crew. Here below some tips on how to pack and a useful checklist for your sailing trip.

How to pack for a sailing trip: useful things

Packing questions? Here we go, for a week on a sailboat simpler things and clothes will be sufficient, you don’t know why? Trust us, most of the time, during a trip adventure, you will be wearing a swimsuit so remember to pack it in the bag. But dear ladies, no heels and shoes’ collections with 50 different shades to combine with the handbag, the swimwear and your preferred earrings. Anyway, for any specific information and “how questions”, please contact directly those who well know the boat, as your skipper! Here is a basic checklist:

1) A soft weekend bag, at the contrary of a rigid one, is perfect as well as comfortable to bend (once emptied) and squeeze somewhere.
2) A swimsuit
3) Sunglasses and a cap to protect eyes from the sun.
4) Shoes with soft and light/white soles.
5) Lightweight clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, tops or dresses for girls.
6) A sweatshirt and/or a pashmina for the evening: for those who wish to try it, at the Decathlon there is a comfortable and a very good thermal clothing. And don’t forget the socks, maybe ugly and unattractive but really functional.
7) A windproof waxed jacket, ideal for an autumnal sailing and perfect to protect you from the wind.
8) Extra battery or a portable charger for your phone. Just in case you can buy a small solar panel charger.
9) Towels: the best ones are those in microfiber that dry in no time after use, a must on boats
10) Don’t forget a sunscreen/ sunblock

If you have some room left you can pack more items such as: a camera, a waterproof bag for your mobile, a book or an e-reader and a lip-balm that helps to prevent sun and wind to avoid chapped lips.

Right products for an open air shower on the boat

You’re probably wondering how is a bathroom on a sailboat and if there is a shower inside. Yes, there is, but remember: during your sailing trip, most of the time you will wash and dry off yourself in the open air at the sunset. In order to protect the marine environment the best products to use are the organic and biological ones. As an example, marine soaps, much used on shipboards, are usually used with seawater and are quite soluble in it, respecting the ecosystem, contrary of the standard soap. It is very easy to use, also for clumsy people. Anyway these are the steps: a dive to bathe in the sea and after the re-boarding lather yourself, another dive to remove the big part, a general rinsing with fresh water at the stern and a final drying in a warm towel energetically rubbing the body. It’s all clear?
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