First time on a sailboat: what you need to know

July 10, 2017

First time on a sailboat: what you need to know

The very first time on a sailboat is an amazing experience made of good and mixed sensations and real emotions. It is a unique opportunity for a break, a “hit and run” weekend or a perfect relaxing holiday, but remember: as soon as you will join the crew on the sailboat what you wish will come true.

Each sailing holiday is perfect to reconnect with nature, the body and your real needs, those for which there is no space in the city’s life. New friendships, naps in the sun, a book that makes you dream, but above all the discovery of moments of great emotion that for the first time you will live on board: a sunset aperitif, sweets notes of magical guitar under a starry sky, or just sitting at the bow for a while to hear nothing but the sea and the wind in your hair. No frills! The true beauty and the real wonder is to go back to the basics of life: a bag containing only few, useful and practical things, minimizing the extra things as well as your traveling companions, friendships for life or few days, but with whom you will share an unthinkable intimacy.

What should you wear on a boat?

Depending on the holiday, you will need different clothes and no matter what the forecast says, be prepared for all weather conditions, both cold and windy. Put something warm in your bag, as a jacket and bring the right luggage, the space into the boat is restricted. If you are wondering what your bag should contain take a look at: How to pack for a sailing trip, a useful checklist

Bathroom, shower and sea sickness

This is a top 3 list about on which exist scary stories.
If it is your first time on a sailboat you will discover that the bathroom is called “head”, there isn’t a button to pull the water and is very little as the shower that most of the time is open air so you can wash yourself during a beautiful sunset. But don’t worry, sooner or later there always will be a habor that will welcome you. Anyway you will like your new wild lifestyle, drying your hair with the wind. Regarding the seasickness there are some tips that can help: sitting on the gunwale and following the best remedies such as solid or salty foods, positioning at the boat’s wheel. As a very last resort you can take medicines as Travelgum or Xamamina.

What happens if I don’t get along with anyone?

Definitively there is good chance. Meeting new people for the first time on a sailboat implies that we will like someone and it is quite probable that will happen the contrary.
The good news is that all will seek the agreement. Everyone wants to spend a nice holiday and if someone is not cool he/she will be. Maybe thanks to the beautiful things that will surround you during the holiday.

Finally it is all true: on the sailboat you will meet new friends, the old connections will be strengthened, you will enjoy each moment having fun, totally immersed in the sea life as no other holiday. The smell of the sun, the taste of the salt on the skin, the most beautiful sunsets, dances, songs, sports, delicious dinners and if it isn’t enough if you are a single soul there is the possibility to fall in love, have you ever thought about that? Suddenly in the mood to leave? Browse the proposals published on Sailsquare!