Luggage on a sailing boat: dos and don’ts

June 28, 2015

Life is made of priorities and compromises. No exception on a sailingboat, but this doesn’t mean living a nightmare: life onboard allows you to have your own space, to have a shower and to have electricity. Maybe it’s better if you leave at home your great grandpa’s rigid suitcase (may he rest in peace) or your loyal hair straightener, but it is guaranteed that life on board can be comfortable. Just follow some tips, and there will be enough room for everybody. Paper and pen, ready, set, go!

Choose the essential things, like in real life

In summer, there are few necessary items to bring, as most of the time is spent wearing a swimsuit. If you’re sailing during the autumn, you’d better take a waterproof jacket, shoes with a smooth and light-coloured sole, a sweatshirt and for those feeling like having a look in a sporstwear store, specific warm clothes. And don’t forget heavy socks! Everybody knows they are not the latest craze, but we are not on a catwalk and a laugh together will ease the embarrassment . All of your packed things should go in a soft suitcase, in order to bend it and tuck them somewhere.


A natural shower with ecofriendly products

Boats have bathrooms equipped with showers, but the best thing to do in summer is taking a bath in the sea with dedicated bio products and soak up the last sun. Marine soaps are available online and in drugstores, they avoid to have salt left on your body and respect sea ecosystem, instead of common products. Here available 6 steps for dummies to have a bath in the sea: dive to get wet, rub yourself with some soap, dive again to take off the bulk of soap, do a general rinsing with fresh water on the stern, wrap up yourself in a towel and rub again until drying is complete.

Wait: how can I charge my mobile?

Want to charge your mobile? Buy a solar panel charger! Want to dry your hair? You can use the hairdryer, meaning the wind, obviously! Joking aside, you can find in the lower deck some sockets to be used with no exaggeration: you can plug into them your portable hairdryer, mobile or tablet chargers. For more questions, your holiday skipper is always there to help you!


Last but not least!

If you are a wannabe sailor, don’t forget to bring these items : sunglasses, sun creams, (do you want to get tanned or sunburnt?) a baseball cap or a bandana when the sun beats down. Useful stuff could also be little plastic bags for rubbish – be it a cigarette butt or a peach pit – a sailor knife, a mask and a snorkel. Ready foro a sailing holiday with Sailsquare?