Caribbean: why visiting them on a sailboat?

November 2, 2015

No doubt about it, a holiday in the Caribbean is a dreamlike experience for many people: white sand, crystal-clear sea, secluded atolls, palms on the beach and the envy of your friends, who stayed at home freezing.
Now, putting aside Caribbean stereotypes, we are here to tell you what a sailboat holiday in these breathtaking islands is really about.


Irresistible nature and lively colours

In this little corner of the world – lost in a million shades of blue – you’ll experience colours in a powerful and brand-new dimension.
Greet the horizon with a deep breath, discover the unforgettable treasure of the green forests, be stimulated by the explosion of colours and tastes of the local fruit: could there be something else to break out from the everyday humdrum?
And it ain’t over yet: swimming with sea turtles, feeling the sun on your skin and the trade winds in your hair, climbing on the palms – yes, everybody does – meeting a friendly iguana, eating lobster on the sand.. that’s exactly what makes you feel free, happy and deeply in love with the world.


Take your time to enjoy any moment

Sailing is a timeless experience: as soon as you get on board, you are totally absorbed in a parallel universe, where you create your own personal moments. Some wake up at dawn to enjoy a swim, some read under the shadow of the sail, some can’t stop looking at the world spinning around. But there is something that links all private moments: new unbreakable bounds among the sailors, an obvious consequence of sharing such an intense adventure.

The secret of beauty is being different

Caribbean charm goes far beyond everybody’s mental picture. Not only crystal-clear seas and white beaches, but also evocative views and new personalities. In fact, getting to know new people is easy and straightforward, as the creole population welcomes tourists with a pinch of curiosity, together with the rhythm of raggae music.


At this point, we could tell you the highlists in St. Lucia, Martinica, Tobago Cays and all those places with evocative names, but, truth to be told, a holiday in the Caribbean is first of all a mixture of intense emotions rather than just breathtaking places. For more information….read the Lonely, please, and to discover sailing holidays at the Caribbean have look on Sailsquare.