The adventure of a lifetime: crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat

November 2, 2021

You love the sea, wind and waves? Sailing fascinates you and you feel ready for the adventure of a lifetime? How about crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat?

Come aboard one of our transatlantic cruises and sail along! With a professional skipper by your side, you’ll cross the ocean on a sailboat. Those who dare to cross the Atlantic will feel the power of the elements up close and will find this adventure a life-changing experience.

Several weeks alone with your crew at sea: who sails on an Atlantic crossing dares an Experiemt. Both socially and mentally. You will go to your limits and at the same time make the most beautiful experiences of your life. Are you ready?

Atlantic Crossing: sailing along

Often you hear about lonely sailors and sailors all alone with their sailboat around the world and cross entire oceans. This is the extreme version. Somewhat more pleasant and yet just as adventurous is to cross the Atlantic with a crew and a professional skipper..

The Crew:

One of the greatest difficulties in an Atlantic crossing is the right composition of the crew. The adventure of an Atlantic crossing requires a mental strength that will keep you calm even in difficult situations.

Often, fellow sailors have to deal with fear and apprehension. A professional trained skipper with sufficient experience, as well as a clarification of all important points in advance are essential.

Sailing Atlantic Crossing: everything you need to know

The Route:

A popular route for Atlantic crossings runs from the Canary Islands or Cape Verde to the Caribbean to Martinique, Grenada or Barbados. Who starts in the Canary Islands, has the option to take direct course to the Caribbean, or sail close to the Cape Verde Islands and make a stopover if necessary.

Wind and Weather Situation:

In terms of timing, Atlantic crossings can start either in November or January. The weather and wind conditions are different depending on the year and therefore difficult to predict.

However, if you set your course close past the Cape Verde Islands, you have a higher chance of more stable, consistent trade winds.


The duration of the crossing depends on the chosen route as well as the destination of the crossing. Those who want to be as fast as possible and sail on a direct course will take an average of 22 days. Those who make a stopover and sail via Cape Verde will need 3 days longer in exclusive sailing time. In addition, the question arises whether one would like to explore the beautiful sailing areas around the Cape Verde islands on the way as well. For this, more days are recommended.