Sailing holidays for a happy New Year’s Eve 2023

Sailing holidays for a happy New Year’s Eve 2023

Make your New Year's Eve special and celebrate the end of the year. of the year on a sailing boat. From the French Riviera to the Canary Islands, from the the Caribbean and the Bahamas, discover the winter holidays that will make your unforgettable.


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Why start the new year aboard a sailboat?

Barcolana - Navigare insieme a oltre 2.000 barche!

Party and fireworks like you've never seen before

Imagine the countdown aboard a sailing boat, among toasts and many new friends! Prepare yourself for a different New Year's Eve, without forgetting the traditions: stock up the galley for the dinner and enjoy the fireworks show directly on the sea.

Barcolana - Festa e divertimento di giorno e di notte

Leave the cold, smog and office stress at home.

Forget the typical Christmas atmosphere with snow and fireplace. Let yourself be lulled by the waves, relax and forget the hardships of the year that is going away. A cruise on a sailing boat is definitely the right opportunity to start the new year full of energy, in contact with nature and relaxation.

Barcolana - Un’emozione unica e avvincente

Rediscover the magic of the heat of the tropics

What could be better than spending December 31 on a flotilla in the company of many new friends? Do it in the heat of the tropics! Get ready for turquoise sea, scents of spices, white beaches and lots of sunshine. From the Caribbean to the Seychelles, New Year's Eve in the heat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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6 reasons to spend your New Year's vacation on a sailing boat

  • Experience something out of the ordinary and forget about burning fireplaces and snowfall. The New Year's Eve on a sailing boat will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Find summer even in the middle of winter. From the cayos of the Gulf of San Blas to the wonderful Virgin Islands, from Tobago to Martinique. A thousand are the wonderful places to start 2020 at its best.
  • Damage the cold without going too far: the Canary Islands, Malta and southern Italy are perfect for winter sailing vacations.
  • Forget about the hard work of the year and enjoy a boat cruise in the name of relaxation and contact with nature in the company of new friends!
  • If for you New Year's Eve is synonymous with fun get ready for the year-end bottles. Più barche che navigano insieme per un boat party all night long.
  • Iniziate il 2020 con stile e per Natale regalatevi una crociera all inclusive o luxury onboard of a wonderful catamaran.

The best 10 destinations where to spend New Year's Eve on a sailing boat

"The sea in winter is just a black and white film seen on TV," sang Loredana Bertè in one of her most famous hits of the early 80s. Who said, however, that vacations by the sea are the exclusive prerogative of summer? Or that Christmas and New Year's vacations must necessarily include cold, snow and mountains? Just move a few thousand kilometers and you can find plenty of warm places in December. Here are 10 destinations for a dream New Year's Eve, perfect to escape from the cold, the fog, the smog, perfect to live in pairs, in company or with children. Some are very far away but the two weeks of Christmas vacations allow the right time to live a unique experience on a sailing boat.

Surely if you are looking for a warm place to spend New Year's Eve, the white beaches and sunshine of the Caribbean, Seychelles and Bahamas are an experience to be granted at least once in a lifetime. But you do not have to go far or spend a fortune to spend an unforgettable New Year's Eve at sea. In fact, if you have a few days and do not want to go too far the Cote d'Azur, the Gulf of Naples, Malta and the Canary Islands are for you.

New Year's Eve sailing on the French Riviera

For those looking for elegance and worldliness you can not miss the New Year's Eve on the French Riviera between markets and glamorous clubs, all experienced on board a comfortable sailboat overlooking the sea, anchored between the boats of VIPs from around the world. And during the day there will be the opportunity to navigate between Cannes, Saint Tropez, Iles de Lerins, Cap d'Antibes and Pointe de l'!

New Year's Eve in the Gulf of Naples and Amalfi Coast sailing

The Naples Gulf and the Amalfitan Coast are magical places in summer and winter. Only in December, however, you can witness one of the most beautiful fireworks shows in the world. Yes because watching Naples from the sea, while on the night of New Year's Eve shines and explodes with fireworks, is a unique experience! Among propitiatory rites and Neapolitan cuisine veleggerete to the discovery of Ischia, Procida, Capri overlooked by Vesuvius.

New Year's Eve in Malta, Lampedusa and Linosa by sailboat

Malta, Lampedusa and Linosa will be a wonderful discovery for your New Year's Eve. Here temperatures are on average around 19 degrees, and thus offer the possibility of enjoying a Christmas or New Year spring or even summer, rather than winter. The charm of Malta combines beaches and coves, reachable only by sea, to a characteristic landscape. Nature and slow rhythms characterize Linosa and Lampedusa among which stand out the turquoise waters of the fantastic bays and caves accessible from the sea.

New Year's Eve sailing in the Canaries

One of the best destinations within a 4-hour flight from Italy is the Canary Islands archipelago. Far from the cold climate and immersed in the spirit of the picturesque islands. Each island and each city on the island celebrates in a different way. For a New Year's Eve sailing in the Canaries in the street very similar to the Spanish choose Fuerteventura while in Gran Canaria and Tenerife the clubs of the islands organize unforgettable nights.

New Year's Eve in the Caribbean on a catamaran and sailing boat

Enjoy a New Year's Eve cruise of at least ten days in the Caribbean paradise of Martinica and the Grenadines, the British Virgin Islands or Cuba. Warmed by the sun and cooled by the trade winds you will sail in a sailor's paradise. At New Year's Eve on a sailing boat many parties and dances await you on the beautiful white beaches surrounded by huge palm trees. The Latin American rhythm will be the background, along with cocktails with fresh fruit, a tropical climate and the excitement of celebrating the end of the year with a midnight swim in the Caribbean Sea.

New Year's Eve in the Bahamas by catamaran

If what you are looking for is the classic Caribbean ideal, in the Bahamas you will be perfectly content: an archipelago of nearly seven hundred islands within the Caribbean archipelago, this can only mean, paradise on earth! The main islands are New Providence and Grand Bahama, where in the evenings of December 26 and 31 is held the feast of Junkanoo. A once-in-a-lifetime festival that draws crowds into the streets in a whirlwind of parades, songs and dances. You'll see acrobats, dancers on stilts, shell necklace and drum players, all making music in a grand celebration of life.

New Year's Eve in Thailand by catamaran and sailboat

Phuket is the largest of the islands of Thailand, the most organized in terms of services and local, but no less exclusive. The natural attractions are its flagship, with quiet bays, tropical forests and white beaches. The Thais are a people always ready to party and have fun, so much so that in addition to the European New Year they also celebrate the Chinese New Year (between January and February) and the Thai New Year (in the first half of April).

New Year's Eve in Seychelles by catamaran

Discover the exotic charm of the Indian Ocean aboard a comfortable catamaran in the Seychelles, equipped with every comfort. This corner of paradise on the other side of the world will give you the opportunity to spend the winter vacations between white beaches, tropical fruits, pristine coral reefs, local markets and the best underwater paradise for snorkeling.

New Year's Eve in Bali by catamaran

In the heart of the Indian Ocean and Indonesia lies Bali, the home of yoga and spiritual philosophies that bring balance to mind and body. A New Year's Eve of relaxation and wellness in Bali is certainly an ideal choice. Add to that enchanting landscapes and an active yet dormant volcano, the program is complete!

New Year's Eve in French Polynesia by catamaran and sailboat

Polynesia is truly on the other side of the world! Even if the trip to get there takes about 24 hours, the paradisiacal beaches of Bora Bora will know how to put you back on your feet after the long flight and regenerate you to start the new year in the best way; Needless to say that a catamaran sailing cruise in Bora Bora is a dream!

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