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Yacht sailing holidays & skippered tours in Turkey

Discover the flavours of Turkish cuisine, the extraordinary hospitality of its inhabitants, and let yourself be transported into a rich history of civilizations. Göcek, Bodrum, Marmaris and Kemer, all different and all dream destinations.




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Get onboard solo, with your family or your friends

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Sailing holidays that suit all budgets

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Reviews - Yacht sailing holidays & skippered tours in Turkey

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Between the sea, fantastic bays and spectacular archaeological finds Antalya (Antalya) - Fethiye


Stefano P.



La costa da Antalya a Fetiye è bellissima, menzione speciale per Kastellorizo. Veramente una chicca. Mare stupendo, natura selvaggia e ricca di storia. Ottima e variegata compagnia. Navigazione piacevolissima
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Between the sea, fantastic bays and spectacular archaeological finds Antalya (Antalya) - Fethiye


Giulio B.



Riccardo è una persona esperta con la quale è stato piacevole passare una settimana di navigazione. Ci ha giudati fra le varie bellezze turche e ci ha coinvolto nelle manovre in navigazione. Anche la sua compagnia è stata molto piacevole. Lo ringrazio per la bella esperienza !!!
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The Way of the Lion - From Thessaloniki to Greece to Istanbul, Turkey


Luana R.



Agosto 2019 Thessaloniki-Istanbul Fabrizio ci ha accolti a bordo con un grande sorriso. La meta, Istanbul, è lontana: due settimane di navigazione su un mare tutt'altro che facile. Tuttavia la competenza e la scrupolosità di Fabrizio ci ha sempre fatto sentire in totale sicurezza. La barca è splendida ed era già pronta per il Meltemi (con tormentina armata ) ma quando il vento è troppo (50 nodi in banchina ) non si rischia, si resta in porto, a costo di dover rinunciare agli ancoraggi da bagnetto. L'Egeo in agosto non è per croceristi vacanzieri, è per avventurosi, ma responsabili, naviganti. Certamente sarei più che pronta ad imbarcarmi di nuovo con Fabrizio, anzi, ci sarei rimasta più che volentieri per il ritorno (finalmente con vento a favore), ma le ferie finiscono, speriamo l'anno prossimo!
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Fun et détente sur un superbe voilier sur la côte Turque





Jean Louis è uno skipper esperto, che dà sicurezza, ci ha portato in posti molto belli, ogni giorno diversi. Ha cercato di venirci incontro il più possibile. La sua barca è molto confortevole, spaziosa, con ogni comodità, equipaggiata perfettamente sia per navigare che per rilassarsi, tenuta sempre in ordine e perfettamente pulita. La costa della Turchia è meravigliosa, le baie sono tranquille, riparate, con un mare meraviglioso, sempre calmo e tiepido adatto a bagni lunghissimi...le baie sono circondate da una natura bellissima e rigogliosa. Gli ormeggi si trovano facilmente anche in pieno agosto! Le marine Turche sono organizzatissime! Una super vacanza! Torneremo presto con Jean Louis in Turchia o altrove! Mari

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8 reasons to choose Turkey for your next sailing holidays:

  • Turkey offers you a striking cultural and historical richness with many unique archaeological sites, many of which are listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
  • The joy of life and hospitality of the Turkish will make for a pleasant and enjoyable holiday.
  • Sail the beautiful turquoise waters of Turkey - where you can enjoy activities as unforgettable as a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, where you can watch the sunrise from the sky.
  • Regarding cuisine, you will not be disappointed. Turkish cuisine is incredibly rich and there is something for a wide variety of preferences.
  • Looking for something authentic? Boarding a schooner as part of a crew is the most authentic and special way to sail in Turkey. The schooner is a modern adaptation of a traditional sailboat made in Turkey from Aegean pine. They are boats as comfortable as a house, with wide decks, and spacious cabins.

The best destinations to visit during your sailing holidays in Turkey:

With 8,333km of coastline, Turkey is a privileged destination for a sailing holiday with a skipper. Its territory borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, making it a hidden treasure full of coves, bays, and turquoise beaches that you can't imagine. Turkey's long, rich and diverse history invites you to get to know and learn from an extraordinary culture. Located on the periphery of Europe, Turkey is a welcoming country and the cradle of ancient civilizations.

Sailing holidays in Göcek and the Butterfly Valley

Göcek, located in the Gulf of Fethiye, is one of the best and most popular sailing destinations in Turkey. You can explore the southern Anatolian Peninsula aboard a sailboat and dive into the crystal clear waters of this beautiful and pleasant Mediterranean region. If you like water activities, you can dive into the Yassica region, where you will find ruins sat below the sea. Another place we recommend you visit is undoubtedly the Valley of the Butterflies. This place is known by this name because of the millions of beautiful butterflies with transparent wings that inhabit the valley. An authentic treasure hidden on the Turkish coast and accessible only by boat from Antalya, it’s not to be missed!

Sailing holidays on the Turkish coast of Marmaris

The city of Marmaris is nestled on the southwestern coast of Turkey, between the Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea. Arriving at Marmaris by sea is a spectacle to behold. There you can discover a charming city surrounded by mountains. During a visit to the city, you can explore the 5,000-year-old castle of Marmaris, which offers a privileged view of the coast. In addition, those who want to party will be served, there the nightlife is vibrant and you can take the opportunity to have a party by boat or visit the most popular bars in the destination.

Sailing holidays on the Turkish Riviera of Bodrum

Bodrum is an entertaining and interesting city. This city is known to be the birthplace of historians such as Artemis I and Herodotus, and it offers a very eclectic landscape due to its Persian and Ottoman past. During a stopover by boat, you will have the opportunity to discover one of the seven wonders of the ancient world: the mausoleum of Halicarnasse. The Riviera of olive trees from Bodrum to Izmir is also an iconic vision of Turkey. Its coasts are populated by typical Mediterranean vegetation with fragrant flowers including jasmine and hibiscus, with some subtropical species such as the palm tree.

You will also find real dream beaches, especially Gumbet, ideal for lovers of water activities such as diving or windsurfing, and Bitez beach, where you can enjoy the best sunsets in the region from the deck of your sailboat. This area is also a popular destination for observing and swimming with turtles.

Sailing holidays around Kemer and Antalya

In southern Turkey, you will find the picturesque city of Kemer, located a short distance from Antalya: with one of the bluest waters of the Mediterranean and the Taurus mountains in the background. This destination is totally ideal for a sailing holiday focused on relaxation and tranquility. Sailing trips are very popular in this region, as it is widely seen as more impressive to enjoy the landscapes of Kemer's vibrant nature onboard a ship. You can sail to preserved beaches such as Terikova and Moonlight Beach. Its beaches are perfect for those who love diving, the sea is calm and you can observe different underwater species.

Tips to help you to better plan for your next sailing holidays in Turkey:

All you need to know about your next cruise in Turkey aboard a sailboat.

  • As the region boasts a warm climate for much of the year, sailing Turkey is recommended between early April and late October.
  • You can find experiences for a week in the Cyclades with a skipper from €400 per person. This figure excludes transport to and from the holiday. It is important to remember that depending on the month of travel and style of boat pricing is subject to change.
  • Many connections are provided throughout the year to the various airports of Croatia, including a host of low-cost options.

The best sailing itineraries for your next holiday with a skipper in Turkey

    Marmaris, Ekncik, Göbün, Göcek, and Fethiye:

    A very complete itinerary that you can enjoy for a week aboard a sailboat or schooner. During your stay, you can visit the butterfly valley and enjoy dream beaches to relax.

    Antalya, Kemer, Kekova, and Kastelórizo:

    Another fairly complete itinerary through the southern region of Turkey, where you can discover picturesque villages and magnificent coastlines as far as Kastelórizo: a small Greek island belonging to the Dodecanese archipelago, off the beaten track, where you can dive into the famous blue cave full of stalactites. When the sun's rays come directly into the cave, the whole cave is illuminated by a spectacular light of blue tones!

    Bodrum, Gokova, and Hisarönü:

    An unforgettable trip aboard a traditional schooner, where you can visit the entire Turkish Riviera, enjoy the sun, relax, and let yourself drift in the charm of its coastal ports and along dream beaches.

    Sailing holidays in Turkey - why you should travel with a local skipper

    If you want to fully enjoy your sailing holiday in Turkey in the best conditions, we recommend that you go choose a trip with a local skipper. Travelling with a skipper who has insider knowledge on the area, allows travellers to fully immerse in the pleasure and relaxation of the holiday. Where individuals on the trip wish to learn or practice their sailing skills, skippers will be there to integrate travellers into the responsibilities onboard.

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