Code of conduct for Skippers

1. Regulatory compliance

The skipper commits himself to operating in accordance with laws and customs applicable in his navigation area, to the proposed activity, in his nation of origin and in the nation in which his boat is registered.

Most specifically, the skipper guarantees to his crew the respect for the applicable laws in fiscal and navigation terms during the experiences listed on the platform.

When listing an experience on Sailsquare, the skipper affirms to own titles, qualifications, permissions and authorisations required to carry out the listed activity, as well as being compliant with all fiscal and administrative requirements for the activity he proposes and performs.

Moreover, the skipper commits himself to verifying with his insurer to be conveniently covered for the aforementioned activity. In certain nations and/or navigation areas, this could require the extension of the insurance coverage.

2. Conduct during experiences at sea

The skipper commits himself to carrying out the listed activities in the safest possible conditions, verifying each time the requirements, his own ability and the crew’s, features and condition of the boat, weather forecasts and subsequently choose the activities to do for a successful experience.

Moreover, in order to ensure safety and comfort on board, the skipper commits himself to dedicating needed resources and attention to boat maintenance. Before each departure, the skipper is in charge of verifying that all components, devices and equipment on board are in such efficiency levels as to allow the crew to experience an excellent travel and navigation.

3. Communicating with the crew

Before departure, the skipper - inside the holiday page, when answering to requests and each time he receives a booking - commits himself to providing adequate information about the listed experience and to verifying its accuracy according to expectations, preparation and personal features of the user, allowing him/her to make a conscious choice.

Moreover, the skipper - before the boat casts off - is in charge of providing all embarked users necessary info regarding behaviour rules, use of onboard equipment, manoeuvres they might join, the position and use of personal and common safety equipment and emergency processes one might adopt.

Being the skipper the contact person for the whole crew, he commits himself to communicating all main choices regarding the organisation and program of the experience. Most specifically, the skipper commits himself to communicating immediately to the crew any event or condition involving changes of schedule compared to what was established initially.

4. Eco-tourism and respect for the sea

Sailsquare affirms that the environment is a common and primary good. Therefore, not only is the skipper in charge of respecting all applicable laws related to environmental protection, but also of promoting and ensuring the preservation and safety of marine environment.

The skipper commits himself to avoiding behaviours liable to cause damages to the local environment as well as spreading among people on board the culture of environmental safety. It is a specific duty for each skipper to engage his crew towards the main rules regarding environment, in order to make the crew aware of virtuous behaviours regarding energy and water supplies management, garbage collection and disposal, releasing substances capable of polluting water and causing damage to marine flora and fauna.

5. Dissemination of the passion for sea and sailing

Sailsquare’s community is made up of either people already aware of the world of sailing holidays, or neophytes approaching for the first time this kind of experience. Sailsquare promotes the dissemination of the passion for sailing and the sea. Moreover, choosing to sail while hosting people on board requires a correct and responsible management of the group as well as the knowledge of the values facilitating people’s cohabitation in narrow spaces, as they often don’t know each other and have to share their whole time with one another for the entire duration of the experience.

6. Use of the platform

The community is a meeting place for people sharing the passion for the sea and sailing holidays.

The skipper commits himself to guaranteeing an open and friendly environment, keeping a respectful attitude towards each member of the community and providing the best possible information when answering users' questions. The skipper verifies and confirms to own the rights on contents used on the Sailsquare platform, including photos, videos and texts.

Each skipper - both in his personal public profile and holiday pages - commits himself to providing true and complete information allowing users to make a conscious choice meeting their expectations. The skipper is in charge of keeping the information on the platform up-to-date, both in his personal public profile and holiday pages. Most specifically, the frequent missing update of available spots on board, information about the boat used, itinerary and time and place of embarkation and disembarkation can lead to the removal from the platform.

Moreover, the skipper commits himself to accepting passengers’ feedback at the end of the holiday, unless they are considered libellous and taking into account the skipper's right to public answer.

7. Cancellations

The skipper commits himself to doing his utmost to avoid cancelling his own listed experiences. In case of serious inability to accomplish the experience, the skipper has the specific duty to promptly inform users on board and most specifically Sailsquare, giving the possibility to the staff to find an alternative solution and minimise the inconvenience for the crew.

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