Amalfi coast attractions: the top 10 things to see

June 23, 2017

The Amalfi coast has many attractions for visitors and many interesting things to see. You’ll find yourself in a unique surrounding with an uncontaminated beauty of landscapes, ancient ruins, narrow streets carved through the rocks and scents and colors that alternate in secret rhythms through cultivated terraces of vines, citrus and olive trees. When you’ll be really tired to walk there always will be the warm welcoming typical of people of the South Italy and their special culinary tradition: genuine and natural products of a sunny land and delivered every day fresh to the local restaurants that every day offer a mix of delicious dishes. What is better than a freshly caught fish, coming from pristine and clean waters? And if you still have some doubts the Amalfi coast is much more than this. While you will be sailing off its coasts in a cobalt blue sea you’ll notice an outstanding example of the Mediterranean landscape, the great and stunning beauty of the little and big towns, the lush forests, its beautiful villas and the history that surround it by a halo of mystery. You will be spoilt for the choice and if you don’t know what to choose we have selected the top 10 things to do in Amalfi coast during your sailing trip with Sailsquare.

Amalfi coast: an unforgettable sailing adventure

Amalfi coast is a famous and beautiful location of the Southern Italy and its unique charm will transform your sailing cruise into a really amazing experience: colorful islands, picturesque villages, nature reserves and much more…along an itinerary from Positano to Vietri sul mare.


Positano is the pearl of the Amalfi coast and one of the most enchanting and romantic place all over the world. Walking in narrow roads, beside fortified walls it will surprise you with its pink, white and yellow houses, sumptuous villas and watch towers.This town is also known for the fashion and if you want to go shopping this is the right place.



Here you will find many beaches and especially the only one, (La Gavitella), on the Amalfi coast where you can really enjoy the last rays of the sunset. Everywhere you can see lemon groves and pine trees dominating the nature. Le Praie is another nice spot and a natural beach on the coast. Here you can also enjoy the nightlife, particularly in the African club, that stays open until late at night.

Conca dei Marini

The Grotta dello Smeraldo it is its precious treasure: accessible from Strada Statale 23, is a 30 meter high cave with stalactites and stalagmites and it is flooded with unique lighting conditions: brilliant blue or emerald light.


Furore is one of the most beautiful and suggestive place in Italy, loved by directors and actors and in the town center you can visit the museum dedicated to Anna Magnani and Federico Fellini. But the most fabulous location is the valley, the coastal landscape, the fjord that is a deep creek in the rock formed by the Schiato stream, the incredible vegetation that clings on walls and the waves that crash against the coast.


Amalfi in the heart of this incredible coast there is a city that in the past was the first of the Four Maritime Republics and that nowadays is still enchanting tourists with its ancient Roman ruins, the bell-tower in Arab-Norman style and the beautiful Cathedral of St. Andrews with an impressive staircase that dominates the natural landscape till the slopes of Monti Lattari.


Amalfi coast: an extraordinary sailing adventure

Valle delle Ferriere

You can reach it on foot from Amalfi and it’s about one hour of walking: you will enter in a nature reserve with waterfalls and routes of water and in an extraordinary environment where live extremely interesting plant colonies survived from distant times. There are two official paths: the first one (n. 325) starts from Amalfi – Piazza Flavio Gioia and the other one (n. 323a ) from Pontona – Piazza San Giovanni.


This is a magical place, very famous for its artistic treasures, historic villas with huge lush gardens and International music and art festivals, organized each year during the summer. Unfortunately is not located on the sea but you can reach it by the motorway or with a bus service.



It’s a fishing village that still today has a unique charm and with a unique panoramic position it is inextricably linked to the twin Amalfi. The medieval architecture and the rocky wall that surrounds are amazing but you can just sit comfortably at the table of some local bars, talking about the legend of the fire-breathing dragon who lives in the Dragone (dragon) river.

Maiori and Minori

Are located near each other (a couple of kilometers): in the first one you can admire the ancient frescoes and mosaics of Villa marittima Romana, once time supplied by a nearby stream to fill its swimming pools and baths. You cannot leave without tasting the delicious fresh pasta served in the small restaurants. Maiori instead has one of the biggest beaches on the coast while it is dominated by the Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano, open to the public. If you are starving after a long walk you cannot miss the restaurant: “Torre Normanna”, an ancient watchtower where to taste local specialties.


Vietri sul mare:

If you like the craft and artistic ceramic you are in the right place, that has been famous for centuries in the ceramics sector: a thousand of narrow alleys inhabited by artisans, ceramicists and potters, glass makers. Many sites are made with special and unique techniques that create special colors including the famous “yellow of Vietri”. Don’t miss its history, the village centre and of course the Trail of Gods, with its breathtaking panorama.