Everything you need to know before your Mallorca sailing vacation

November 2, 2021

Mallorca sailing vacation: everything you need to know for your catamaran tour

The Balearic Islands and Mallorca in particular are among the Germans’ favorite islands. Above all, Mallorca has gained nationwide fame and popularity due to its reputation as a party island. Yet the island far from Ballermann and party people offers so much more. Dreamlike beaches, secluded bays and crystal clear water promise peace and relaxation instead of hustle and bustle.

Catamaran Tour Mallorca

If you want to get to know Mallorca from its quieter side, it is best to explore the island on a sailboat. Far from mass tourism, sailing around Mallorca allows you to discover the region off the beaten track and explore the hidden gems of the island. Sail with a local skipper, let him show you the favorite places of the locals and taste the specialties of the country.

For those who want to feel completely comfortable not only on land but also at sea, it is best to choose sailing on a catamaran. Catamarans are in no way inferior to a luxurious hotel. Thanks to their spacious and comfortable equipment, you will feel at home on a catamaran during your sailing vacation.

Sailing Mallorca: You can’t miss this

Mallorca is very popular as a sailing destination among Germans partly because of its short and cheap journey. From most German airports, Mallorca can be reached by direct flight with a low-cost airline. You land in Palma, the starting point for most sailing trips.

For your circumnavigation of the island, we have compiled some highlights that you should not miss:.

1. watch dolphins

Watch dolphins from Cap Formentor, discover secluded coves and be enchanted by the breathtaking scenery and impressive cliffs.

2nd Discover Dragon Caves

Anchor in Porto Cristo and discover the town’s Dragon Caves. These stretch over 1700m and are impressive. If you want, you can discover the underground lake Lago Martel on a boat. If you anchor in Porto Cristo, you should not miss a walk in the romantic village. Stroll through the small fishing port and and enjoy the peace and quiet in the small town.

3. moor in charming fishing villages

Visit the fishing village of Porto Colom with its colorful houses and charming harbor. Swim in the town bay Cala Marcal and taste the specialties of the region in a small restaurant along the promenade.

Catamaran Mallorca: rent or sail along

Whoever is interested in a catamaran tour in Mallorca decides between a yacht charter and sailing along. For novice sailors and those who like to sit back and relax on a boat, sailing along is perfect. More experienced sailors who would like to take the helm themselves will prefer to rent a boat. Mallorca offers a wide range of activities for every kind of sailing. Below you will find an overview of the different types of sailing vacations and their advantages and disadvantages:.

1. sailboat rent Mallorca

Those who have already gained sailing experience and have the necessary knowledge to steer a boat themselves, can rent a boat and spend a relaxing sailing vacation with your loved ones, in complete privacy. Mallorca offers the optimal conditions for this, as easy navigation conditions prevail.

2. rent yacht Mallorca with skipper

Who would like to have a professional skipper at his side and still want a whole boat for themselves, can rent a boat with skipper in Mallorca. Those interested in sailing receive skipper training from their professional skipper, can take the helm in their own hands from time to time and learn to sail. For all those who prefer to sit back, the skipper takes responsibility while the rest of the crew enjoys the catamaran tour to the fullest.

3. sailing along Mallorca

The third option represents sailing along. For example, if you travel alone or only with your partner, you can reserve a berth or a place on board. You come on board together with other people and you sail together. This type of sailing vacation allows you to sail without a large group and meet other people. At the same time, a catamaran still offers enough space for quiet moments alone or in togetherness.


Modern and well-developed ports, a wide range of offers and optimal sailing conditions make a Majorca sailing vacation perfect. The area is especially suitable for sailing beginners and relaxed sailing, as wind and weather conditions are calm and mild most of the year. Sailing in Mallorca offers all the necessary conditions for a comfortable sailing vacation. Mallorca is waiting for you with sun, contagious joie de vivre of the locals and unique spanish charm!