First time on boat? Discover the advantages of the catamaran

September 9, 2021

The benefits of a catamaran vacation will make you want to go on vacation right away


So this is it, right? Curiosity has won out, and you’re deciding to take your first boating vacation. Well, the fun begins now!

If you’ve never been on a sailboat and you’re a lover of the sea, the idea of experiencing it from the perspective of a boat surely appeals to you like a siren’s song. The thought of waking up in the middle of the sea, diving into the water before you’ve even brushed your teeth, exploring hidden coves and otherwise unreachable beaches…what could be better than that?

There are as many types of boating vacations as there are fish in the sea, and you can find the one that will satisfy even your craziest desires!  

But if you are a guy who loves wide spaces and comfort, who would like to approach sailing with a comfortable experience…then for your first boating vacation you should evaluate all advantages of catamaran. Because to discover sailing in total comfort, the catamaran is really perfect.

What’s different between monohull and catamaran sailboats? Both allow you to truly experience the sea but they definitely have specific features. And for your first time, the benefits of the catamaran may be just what you’re looking for. Here 7 advantages of the catamaran that make it perfect for a comfortable first time:

1) Two hulls = double cabin comfort

In contrast to the sailboat, which develops in length with spaces necessarily more restricted, the catamaran develops in width. The two hulls are usually occupied by baths and cabins, which are therefore much more wide and spacious. Perfect for falling asleep, lulled by the lullaby of the unique sound of water amidst the hulls, in a double bed worthy of a king. È come stare a casa, solo che si galleggia sul mare ovunque nel mondo…insomma, un po’ meglio che stare a casa!

2) You’ve never had a sofa this big

The cockpit, the large outdoor living area, shaded by the awning and with a sofa that could be a bed, is perfect for hanging out with friends. The huge table is ideal for dinners with friends, so much so that you could invite people from nearby boats (and it will probably happen, if you choose a flotilla). The outside area of the catamaran then, in the evening, can turn into a dance floor, to enjoy the nightas much as the day. In short,in catamaran everything is bigger and more comfortable. And, when it comes to boats, size matters!

3) Masterchef’s kitchen, on a boat

If you do wonders in the kitchen, you’ll love the kitchenof a catamaran! Wide and spacious, more comfortable than the one at home, you can impress the whole crew with the best dishes, maybe just caught.

4) The best hammock you could wish for

The forehead netsare a sunbathing addict’s dream. Comfortable and wide, they are one of the most beautiful places on a catamaran. Perfect for sunbathing, with the sound of the sea and the breeze on your back. Fantastic for kids, who will feel like they are at the playground and will have a great time jumping on them. Wonderful for couples, for a romantic evening watching the stars. But also to strike a spark with a newly met vacation companion….

5) Total relaxation even while sailing

The characteristic of the sailboat is that, to navigate, you tilt in the direction of the wind. So sailing becomes a real adventure, made up of moments in which you find yourself with the feeling of having your back to the water, and others in which you look at the sea straight ahead, vertically. If you, on the other hand, while sailing you would just like to lay for hours under the sun, this is just one of the advantages of the catamaran that you will appreciate. The double hull balances the gait even with full sails, and also in navigation no one will be able to unhook you from the nets of prow.

6) You can explore even the shallowest depths

The drift of a sailboat, namely the piece of metal that protrudes under the hull to balance it when sailing, usually makes it impossible for her to get very close to land. But here the advantages of the catamaran are remarkable: it can enter more easily even inside the coral reefin exotic seas, it overcomes shoals and shallows without having to go around them, and usually it is possible to moor even in really hidden and intimate coves, getting very close to the ground. Certain narrow and shallow inlets, the typical natural pools, become therefore a perfect mooring for a catamaran: two lines ashore and away, a paradise all for you! Aren’t you curious to discover it?

7) An apartment with a view, leaning on the sea

All theadvantages of the catamaran are summed up in this concept. There is everything you could want from the most comfortable seaside vacation apartment, with the added beauty of a v panoramic view that no home can offer! Whether it’s a vacation with friends or a group of new people, the benefits of the catamaran will have you raving about your first time on a boat.

A wonderful way to approach sailing, in the most comfortable and affordable way.

Have we convinced you? Well, because you’re spoiled for choice with hundreds of vacations in catamaran on Sailsquare.