Sea sickness, what are the best remedies?

June 7, 2017

Sea sickness, what are the best remedies?

Seasickness tips are often useful for those who suffer when the sea is rough and because of the repeated sailboat’s motion. The first and the most important thing that you need to know is that you can prevent and fight it with the best remedies, enjoying your sailing adventure. Most of the time we may think that the only option is to wait until the sea once again will calm down, but according to an interview with Federica, a traveler with a total of 4 sailing holidays with Sailsquare in her records the seasickness doesn’t prevent to navigate on a sailboat. “This is simply a common belief to be discredited” she says. All right, let’s see why!


What is the cause and how does seasickness work?

– “I am not an expert, I do not know if it happens when the wave is long, short, high or low, but it all begins when the boat starts to roll side-to-side on the water. And it is like a punch in the stomach that sometimes comes suddenly and other times gradually: my face turns green, the body starts to suffer and constricts, by rebelling against the bad weather and at the point, in the midst of the sea, I’m well aware of my weakness to the motion sickness.
What do you usually do when it happens?
“Finally, all that remains for me to do is to let it run its course and simply wait until it is over. While I’m in that condition I try to imagine the earth still as a static heaven! I eat some solid and salty food, and I sit down at the stern with a bucket, (in that case my best friend), watching the sea”.

So, to sum it up, what are the best remedies for seasickness ?

You should know a lot about it, right?
“Yes, and I’ve heard all the stories! Remedies such as the drops made with lavender, sandal or basil to put on a handkerchief or a gentle massage on temples with the ginger oil. I’ve also tried the seasickness bracelets, with a principle similar to the acupuncture…but at the end I think that there are simplest and best remedies.

To eat
It is not recommended facing the rough sea with an empty stomach or a too full belly. You should avoid alcohol, milk, coffee or tea, fizzy or acidic drinks, such as the orange juice. It is better to eat dry bread or salty foods such as salted anchovies. Although eating is the last thing you think in those cases, to ingest something solid is always helpful. Even eating a banana is useful, as well as hold a slice of lemon in the mouth. I’ve never tried it but it is said that Coca-Cola is very useful to combat nausea.

Never go down to the below-deck

In this place, the movements are increased and expanded, and, in addition, it’s a little stuffy and you can’t breathe due to a lack of air. You need to stay outside, breathing and committing yourself in something practical or staying quiet but in a place where you can watch the sea and provide the movements of the boat. If you can see the coast it is better to observe the horizon: this helps and makes a deal between eyes, balance centers and brain.

In extreme cases, use “meds”

There are medicines that contain substances with an antihistamine, anticholinergic and sedative actions. The most used and best seasickness remedies are those based on scopolamine, promethazine and dimenhydrinate such as Xamamina or Travelgum. Usually you need to take them half an hour before leaving. There are also patches to be applied behind the ear two hours before and some medicated chewing gums, which should be considered when the first signs of the seasickness appear”.

The seasickness didn’t stop you to choose a sailing holiday, why?

“After a sailing travel, a great number of things are actually in the balance: I think how many times I’ve been enjoying myself and how many I’ve been sick during my holiday. The first case always wins, with a great advantage! I can safely handle my gastrointestinal tract if an experience can be so incredibly positive. In short, nice big smiles, incredible and amazing laughing of people, pleasant shudders that make feel you calm and serene, at peace with yourself, some alcoholic sip, the legs stretched out and relaxed, the huge sky above me and the sparky sea below … I’d do it again and again, a hundred times, ten thousand times, for all this and much more to discover … and what does it matter if for a few hours my best friend is the bucket at the stern?”