Best beaches in Sardinia: North and South

May 31, 2017

Best beaches in Sardinia: North and South

Are you looking for the best beaches in Sardinia? You will be spoilt for choice in this place famous for being the paradise of Italy. Caribbean waters, white sand and the typical Mediterranean natural vegetation will surprise you. Among the suggestive coves, a dreamlike atmosphere is composed by turquoise waters, nature reserves in one of the most beautiful seas of Italy, that allows comparing it to some of the most and best exotic locations in the world.
The island is a real heaven for sea and sandy beaches lovers; some of them among the most beautiful, are obviously very crowded in the high season but there are others, even more beautiful, near undervalued and not widely known coasts. Especially in the South of Sardinia there some beaches, scarcely frequented during the high summer. There are pink and white sandy beaches or coves only accessible by a long trekking and others only by boat.
If you have been there we are waiting for your opinion and some reviews but meanwhile we have selected 15 best beaches in Sardinia for your sailing holidays, in the North and in the South of this great location.

Best beaches in Sardinia: North

The best beaches in the North of Sardinia have a rare beauty but if you are planning a sailing holiday over there you will find both a worldly life and the luxury to be moored in total relaxation, planning some adventurous excursions. The breathtaking beauty of this place will capture your total attention and you will forget soon other popular and desirable exotic destinations.

La Pelosa

Located in the North near Stintino (2 km), its seabed has bright and vibrant colors. There, is possible to rent surfboards and canoes and in the vicinity of the beach there are two diving centers.


Cala Brandinchi

Located in the protected Marine area of Tavolara, in the North, it is a charming location, with turquoise waters and strong chromatic contrasts and it is very popular in July and August.
Rena Bianca

Its particular and harmonious play of colors offers a wonderful view to a landscape of great beauty, that alternates the bright white of the sand to the pink of the coral fragments, and the green of the vegetation to the light blue clear sea. From here, on best and clear days you can admire the houses of Bonifacio, the cliffs of Corsica and the archipelago of La Maddalena.
La Maddalena’s archipelago

The numerous beaches and small coves of its surroundings are known for their clarity and particularity. Cala Corsara, in the archipelago of Spargi with its crystal waters is considered one of the best places and one of the best beaches is located undoubtedly in the Budelli island. Cala Coticcio instead has a sea with millions of shades.


Cala Spinosa

Sheltered by cliffs of granite rocks this wonderful beach at Capo Testa, will blow your minds! A small hidden cove only for you, with a refreshing bath in an emerald sea. This stretch of coast it is one of the most interesting for scuba diving lovers.
Cala Mariolu

Pebbles, rockslides and a golden bronze sand it is a popular attraction for those who enjoy snorkeling. Its name derives from the presence of the monk seal, named “Mariola” (thief in english) because has a weakness for fishes, stealing them from the fishermen. This is one of the best beaches where to enjoy unforgettable moments surrounded by a pure nature.
Cala Sisine

A jewel located in the Gulf of Orosei in Baunei. Behind the beach, that is reachable only from the sea and on foot, there are high walls with ancient trees overlooking the sea that reach a height of 500 meters.

Cala Goloritzè

Reachable from the sea, it is a declared Natural Monument of Sardinia region and is absolutely one of the best spots in the Mediterranean, uncontaminated and wild, and in few words a gem of inestimable value. Formed by a landslide, this bay is renewed for a pinnacle of almost 150 meters loved by climbers.


Best beaches in Sardinia: South

The best beaches in the Southern Sardinia don’t have nothing to envy to the most prestigious ones in the world. The Marine park and nice beaches of Villasimius are a true paradise for snorkeling and sailboat sports. This area is perfect for those looking for tranquility and the contact with the unique nature of Sardinia.
Porto Giunco

A forest of eucalyptus trees that leads to a tropical sea, and a huge coastline with a very light sand and the pond of Notteri behind, where you can see and explore one of the habitats of pink flamingos.



A paradisiacal inlet and a little universe of peace, thanks to a very clear sea with the best warm and comfortable temperatures in Sardinia. By swimming you can reach the islet that is in front of the beach.
Su Giudeu

This beach, overlooking the Bay of Chia, has a long coastline of white sand and a dreamy sea with high dunes with secular junipers. Just 150 meters from the shore there is an islet around which lives a nice octopus!
Punta Molentis

One of the most brights and best beaches, waiting to be discovered, with scenic nuraghe ancient ruins and a great sea. Its name derives from donkeys used for mining activities and to carry the granite, very abundant in this Protected Marine area of Capo Carbonaro.


Scoglio di Peppino

The legend says that a Sardinian fishermen, called Peppino, spent a lot of time and most of his days reflecting on this light granite rock cliff: today the rock has his name. It delimits the beach borders between the towns of Muravera and Castiadas: a privileged place for the beautiful sea and the seabed that gently degrades offshore.

Windy in every season, lapped by crystal clear sea, blessed by the sun, this beach, nestled on the South of Sardinia is the best destination for surfers and divers. An enchanted world above and underwater!
Cala Domestica

Among the white cliffs of the south-west coast, this bay, with its fine sand mixed in with the gravel, is located in an old mining area. Through stunning galleries you can reach small, sheltered and intimate stretches of beach, like the so-called Caletta, where there is the mouth of a stream. Surely one of the best beaches where to spend holidays and moments that you will never forget.
Pack a swimsuit and get ready to experience a hot relaxing summer … sailing in Sardinia!