Difference between a catamaran and a sailboat

May 24, 2017

Difference between a catamaran and a sailboat

What is the difference between a catamaran and a sailboat? Have you ever wondered about that? In the ‘80s, sailing on the sea, to meet a catamaran was an exception. The sailboat par excellence was instead the monohull, end of the story. Only ten years later, the situation changed completely: today meeting catamarans during the navigation or have them beside the anchorage has become a fact, but, as well their navigation, both are profoundly different: first of all the dimensions, the motion itself and the way you need to face the bad weather, in few words different emotions and conditions. But without further ado the better way to understand the difference is to try them both.

Difference between a catamaran and a sailboat: stability and comfort


The main characteristic and the difference between the catamaran and the sailboat, is that the first is balanced on two hulls. This means more space, more comfort and a greater stability. The interior of catamarans is undoubtedly broader and allows more agility of movements, the cabins are more spacious and more like real rooms, the dinette is comfortable and has large windows.
Those who choose a catamaran (especially if it is the first sailing holiday) definitely want to live a comfortable and more “stable” holiday. Last but not least, another difference is that catamarans have the sails in the middle and are equipped with the netting, where during the day you can safely enjoy the sun and in the evening to share a beer with your friends. And why not, for the most romantic people, it is possible to spend the night sleeping under the stars.
It should not be forgotten another fundamental difference: the catamaran is leaned on the water, while the sailboat is immersed in it, thus the second splits the water while on the contrary, the first one effortlessly slides across it.
The comfort is therefore a feature of the navigation with the catamaran, the difference is that it doesn’t seem to “react” too much to the wind, it remains straight and does not give the feeling of being inclined: Someone says that on it “the life is better” because “it is higher, you can enjoy the scenery and it has an increased ventilation”, but of course, are personal tastes.
What about the downsides? You have to give up those emotions that only a sailboat can offer: because the great thing about it is to swerve to the wind and feel it on your face and in your hair. If you are looking for the adventure, the sense of freedom, a beautiful sailing on a sailboat is perfect for you:

Difference between a catamaran and a sailboat: true emotions


A cruise on a sailboat is usually a mix of relaxation and adventure, going to the discovery of fascinating places, but above all, is a new kind of holiday, original and it is never the same. It is, par excellence, the real sailing holiday, synonymous with authenticity, adventure and freedom. The sailboat is immersed in the sea, breaking the water with the hull and cutting the waves to be fast. The spaces are narrower than a catamaran and for someone it is less comfortable, but with a little spirit of adaptation everything can be overcome.
One of the highlights, and a great difference, of the sailing with the sailboats, is the emotion that you definitely do not will ever experience on a catamaran, such as feeling the wind blowing, watching an incredible sunset from the cockpit, navigating with the sea in your eyes and the sun on your back.
Finally, choose what you like, because the true beauty it will be coming back with a little more of experience. Once at sea, whatever is your choice, there are the same rules: a spirit of cooperation, the division of tasks and occasions for exchange and sharing with the crew. The only difference that you have to remember is that waves are the same for everyone and the ability of sailing it doesn’t depend on the total lack of wind or a calm sea, but on the skills and the experience of who is running the ship.