Sailing with babies and kids: safety and rules

May 15, 2017

Sailing with babies and kids: safety and rules

In the minds of many parents a sailing holiday with babies and kids is dangerous and complicated. So many mothers and many fathers are in fact hesitant to bring on board the children and for this many times give up a sailing holiday, preferring the classic holidays with fully equipped beaches and all amenities. It’s a pity, they do not know what they are missing!
To choose a sailing holiday not only means adventure but the desire to explore the world: the children in fact, unlike their parents, are immediately and naturally in the right mood and for them the boat quickly becomes synonymous with games and a fun and charming place.
All you need is just a bit of organization on board, a good galley provisioning, thoroughly evaluated before, sunscreens, right clothes and shoes, games to take on board and the sailing soon becomes the ideal vacation for all the family: relaxation and tranquility for the parents and much fun for the babies and kids! So “keep calm” mom and daddy, babies and kids on the sailboat are really fine and they have so much fun, much more than with a shovel and a pail under an umbrella! In fact, the little ones, intrigued about the new things, are passionate about the sailing, always completing the assigned tasks: they feed the fishes at the stern, they make tents in the cabins and untie the ropes also helping to drop the anchor.
This will be experienced by them as a milestone, not forgetting the playful part: binoculars in hand, a lot of imagination and Jack Sparrow is around the corner!


Sailing with babies and kids: safety on board

There are no real rules to follow rather small steps:
To bring the babies and kids on the boat means to very carefully program the holiday with the various stages and destinations,
giving up to live from hand to mouth, selecting where it is possible, the opportunity to land in equipped places and in all weather conditions.
Another important thing for sailing with babies and kids is to select
a roadstead where they can play and short stages for a stop over, always with the popular “Plan B” as a useful alternative to the planned destination.
Not to forget of course, high protection sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, comfortable clothing for the day, raincoats and sweaters for the evening.
Lastly, it can be very funny to sail in a flotilla with other couples with their children, in order to promote the socialization, the cooperation and a team spirit with a group game!
So Moms and dads cast off! ( and let the anxiety at home) and once on board all will be completely simple and natural, like on a houseboat, with your children who have a great desire to have fun and discover a little piece of the world with you!


Sailing with babies and kids: travel destinations

You can sail anywhere with babies and kids, but if you are a beginner, there are some other more suitable routes, at least for the first initiation holiday!
These are the most “complete destinations” which are the perfect combination of safety on board, quite predictable climate, relaxation, fun and amazing places!

If you are already thinking to summer holidays, these are definitely to be included in your wish list:
1) Côte d’Azur and Porquerolles islands: thanks to a favorable weather in the warmer months and well equipped harbors that are everywhere, it remains one of the most favorable destinations.
2) Tuscan Archipelago: well tolerated by families, to explore following the Mistral wind.
3) Sardinia: a very popular place. In the North there are many landings as well as in the South, where this land is less crowded and more wild.
4) Kornati Islands (Croatia): thanks to its almost always perfect weather conditions there is the possibility for the children to stay in close contact with nature. Croatia, in general, is considered a paradise for sailing and thanks to its mild climate, the length of the spring season and its position in the heart of Europe, it is an ideal place for a sailing holiday.
5) Greek Ionian islands: a real paradise for sailing lovers thanks to the crystal clear blue waters, a friendly welcoming of the locals and a cuisine famous all over the world.


Sailsquare provides even more destinations for a sailing holiday with your baby and kids, so stay in touch and browse the platform for a perfect vacation.